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An Insight Into My Life


An Insight Into My Life

Hi, my name is Barclay Littlewood and welcome to my website.

Whoever you are, whatever your religion or beliefs, thanks for visiting, and may God bless you, your family and your life.

I’m blessed to be the owner of a great little UK company called UK Essays –

I also own a one man business consultancy called Business Bliss – where I specialise in business improvement throughout an entire organisation.

Finally, I run a new charity called God For All, which aims to promote the experience of God, harmony in people and harmony in the community.

All Answers Ltd. has proved quite controversial because we take the approach that all students have a right to receive any help they wish. As long as they use that help correctly they aren’t doing anything wrong at all. The company is based on a few key tenements of life and business, these being – honesty, respect and excellence. You can read more about how I run my businesses by Godly principles here.

Who I Am

By the Grace of God, that company has blessed me with free time to discover quite a few surprising things about life and myself.

Type ‘Barclay Littlewood’ into Google and there’s a little about me on the Internet. Barclay Littlewood the millionaire, Barclay Littlewood the nasty essay company owner, Barclay Littlewood the ‘self styled guru’. It’s mostly written by people with a heavily vested self interest in portraying me a certain way, and almost always inaccurate. God knows who I am, far more than anyone else. I wanted to take this short space to let you know who Barclay Littlewood really is today, and what’s most important to me.

I found God without ever looking, all I wanted to do was become a better person. I never set out to find God, only to become a better person. Now, as a messenger of God’s word and love, found via scientific means, I primarily want to share that message with you.

You can take it from a man that has had everything in life, everything the world can offer, that none of it comes close to knowing God and feeling God’s love. God’s love is something we can feel right here and as we’re alive on earth. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, including living a life of sin for self satisfaction and living wholly by my own rules. I’m not perfect, and I never will be. God however, is perfect, and so is his love.

A Great Discovery

I’m factually and scientifically minded. I’ve done much philosophising, research and practice.

From my work and by the Grace of God, I proved that there’s way to find and connect to a consent force (God) that changes the structure of the mind/brain using a scientific methodology and practice. (Later you may want to look at

roundbarcslogoThis work revealed to me a very subtle and ever present intangible ‘constant’ that anyone can objectively identify. Later I was to find out whilst this force was connected to me, it wasn’t really an extension of me and didn’t belong to me.

It was greater than me, something that had qualities and characteristics all of it’s own. It was something my experience happened within.

It was something, many call God. I credit my wonderful, beautiful wife and devout Christian Neve for helping me fill in missing pieces of the puzzle here, as hopefully I did for her, and for helping make me the man I am today.

After thousands of hours obsessing over the subjects of personal development, spirituality, religion and psychology, God had guided me to him in a wonderfully unique way.

Now, I can tell you some absolute facts about that journey and what God has taught me.

It is my joy to share them with you, with carefree release in God’s name!

Thank you for reading and God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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