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Belief in delusion – the delusion there is no God – Barclay Littlewood

If we are to speak of belief in delusion, what do we mean by delusion?

It is a belief in something that is not factually accurate, not the total reality of things.

Yet it is also true we can experience God without being factually accurate. Many religions are not factually accurate in their description as science has shown. They differ in interpretations greatly. They by definition are often delusions according to the World and thus each other. (By World I mean thoughts, emotions, perceptions, ideas, interpretations, anything we can point to or identify.)

Yet it is those prioritisation and idolisation of those facts and the World, that is a more real, objective and meaningful delusion.

The invisible, what which we can call God, exists despite everything that happens in the manifest World. Therefore, what is invisible simply cannot be definition be dependent on the World, it is the manifest World that is dependent on what is invisible and unseen. Therefor experiencing God is not dependent on Worldly identifiers and interpretative or even factual accuracy, and even if we think it is, the same rule applies – our experience of God, the invisible, goes on unhindered because it is not dependent on the World. (This is why there are issues amongst the established religions.)

Interpretations pertain to the World and God is experienced besides our normal mental functioning, what we believe about him, and our experience of the World at large.


Thus when someone says they don’t believe in God, what they are really saying is they don’t experience God. What they do experience is a range of other thoughts, emotions, experiences. These attach to themselves and the World in a giant, apparently self sufficient structure to create what we would call the normal human experience. This is what people then believe in it’s entirety, is the whole and final truth – they therefore have a belief in delusion.

As a result someone that doesn’t experience God experiences the World, and their World, as the ultimate reality. They and theirs are the centre of their World, as are their interactions with the World and what they think it can bring them. The manifest solid World is the ultimate reality to them.

All that however is only a potential reality. A position that can be moved from with knowledge and effort. It is no different to not being in love then being in love. Romantic love exists, as does God’s love, wether you experience it, know it or not, is consequential only to you.

So seeing this potential reality of normal human existence, as total reality, is delusion, because, love, hope, hate, stress, correctness, doubt, confidence, all our interactions with the world, all happen in God’s presence – that objectively identifiable force within us all. A presence that is always there, and simply isn’t dependent on the experiences that occur within it. Something that has stayed the same within you from the moment you began reading this to this very moment now and beyond until the day you die. Something that has been with you your entire life, as it is now. Something you can find and access now. Something that these words cannot describe because the viewer of them, you, holds the key to finding that presence within them – it is within the observer – not what is observed by it.

It’s a very subtle, but a very clever construction. All that seems so solid, so sure, so independent and real of it’s own accord in our experience is all simply secondary, and naturally facilitated by that presence within.

As I have shown, that presence brings you peace and healing – see – and brings you everything that the World, inner and outer can ultimately not deliver due to it’s construction.

The World, will fail you. You will fail yourself, and what you can see and touch will fail you too in your quest for fulfilment.

Follow that path, by working within, working hard, and you can step from the delusion of your potential reality to the total reality, a life with God.

Can there be a religion that is factually accurate? Of course. That is the subject of my next post.

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

Why let someone else control your experience? – Barclay Littlewood

If you’ve been told that the experience of God doesn’t exist, you’ve quite simply being misinformed.

There’s not only billions of people who will tell you the love and peace they feel from God – right here and right now on earth – there’s a plethora of MRI scan evidence to show the same experience and it’s effects on the brain.

There is no denying it, the neurological experience of God (or whatever word you seek to use) is real and is fully observable. You can deny that, and if you do, you have a belief, e.g. something that has no basis in evidence.

Now of course, we can question the factually accuracy of religions and methods to create the said experience. We can question each others ideas about God. Yet the fact is that the experience remains. People may attribute it to a higher power, a source, an all pervasive life force, whatever the name and character, they all attest to a ‘something’ that can be reached and has profound effects on the human being and their experience of reality. (For further reading, note your reality comes from your brain, when it is altered, so is your reality.)

An atheist denying the billions of people’s experience of God or similar entity or power as non existent is as ridiculous as me telling you an atheist actually is experiencing God but doesn’t realise it. It would be a personal denial, a personal belief, simply negating their experience and prioritising my experience over theirs.

That’s the very essence of all fundamentalism – my experience is worth more, is more correct, more valid than yours – and then using that for a basis of derision, disrespect, and ridicule.

I’d be stating that the atheist was simply too ignorant or stupid to realise that they weren’t experiencing God.

Can you imagine me bringing such an argument, it would be ludicrous!

Yet that’s what some atheists do, they deny the experience of billions of people. Yes all these people experiencing God, amongst them exceptionally gifted minds, are apparently too dumb to realise they don’t experience love and peace from God at all!

The evidence is clear, there is a non-experience of God and an experience of God. That’s the reality, that’s what all the evidence shows, and my opinion on it is absolutely worthless.

There are those that need to or want to experience God and those that don’t. They are those that see it as a wonderful experience, those that see it as a basis to argue and divide and those that see it as a non existent fantasy or something dangerous for mankind.

I’m fine with that, it’s very much a case of each to their own and no hard feelings. If you want to find God do so, if not, then don’t.

What I don’t like to see however is blatant misinformation by people who closed their minds a long time ago and deny any evidence that doesn’t fit with their views. Such people misinform others and that’s a great shame.

These people seek to control your experience to be more satisfied with their own experience by cherry picking evidence to fit their own views.

The enemy of such people and such ways is quite simply facts. Are some religions factually inaccurate? Without doubt. Is the experience they lead to real? Without doubt. Those are the facts.

My advice to everyone is open your mind and question everything and come to your own conclusions. No need to around believing what you’re told to believe by, and go and do your own research and look at the clear evidence – the experience of God exists in a multitude of different ways in the biggest Church there is – the Church of God – Planet Earth. Then decide if you want it or not, and which of the thousands of ways you’ll choose or don’t – and get on with your life. Just don’t think your experience is the only way, of God or not, because it’s not, it’s just a way!

Choosing to experience God or not doesn’t make you superior to anyone else or inferior. It’s a choice that’s all. My job is going to be to ensure you can make an informed choice through plain and simple education, an education I wish I’d had 30 years ago, even 10 years ago.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than a world where we all think the same way and where I secretly think I “get it” and you don’t because your ways don’t mirror mine.

You may still be an incredible person or a terrible person with or without such experience, but in my humble opinion you may find something really special, that you will or will not have have decided on a full appreciation and presentation of the balanced facts.

When people tell me I don’t experience God it’s quite frankly absurdly ignorant of them. They try and push their ill informed and uneducated views on me and their own ideas, which are always completely ignorant of the evidence and often presented in a way that presumes I hand’t contemplated the same!

Their problem is I’m 15,000 hours into this all, coming with no want or desire to find God yet I am where I am, whereas they’ve given it all what, less than a thousand hours thought in their lives if that?

Of course they can laugh at my interpretations, methods, descriptions, and I’m happy to admit they are often a very poor second to the experience or state. Yet the experience or state is as real and better than anything else I’ve experienced in my life. Plus, like thousands of others, I have the MRI scans to prove it’s as real as any other state or emotion, and indeed the non-experience of God… (Which I once had and am certainly never going back to!)

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

Gay Bryne And Stephen Fry Interview – An Answer to Stephen Fry

Gay Bryne and Stephen Fry Interview

In the Gay Bryne and Stephen Fry interview, which you can see here, Gay Bryne asks atheist, and personal favourite of mine Stephen Fry about God.

Stephen Fry provides a wonderful answer that challenges us all to have a think about how we see ourselves, God and the world.

One one side you have a man that experiences God, through some factual inaccuracies of Christianity, Gay Bryne and on the other you side have a man that does not experience God nor understand such an experience actually exists, Stephen Fry.

Predictably, some atheists are loving Stephen Fry’s responses, and some Christians are outraged. We have the age old problem of ‘my experience is more superior/more right than yours’, and favouring those who are closest to our way of thinking. That’s a real issue, and differences in views are certainly nothing to get upset, prejudiced or heated about.

I have inserted my comments as we go. As always I have approached with an open mind and thus openly let my mind be changed by the points, not changed what I read to fit my mind. In this case again as always, we have to let the evidence and facts shape what we believe to be the objective truth, not let what we believe, shape the evidence and facts to fit around it.

It’s all about keeping an open mind, and again, understudying that science and the objective reality are king, not our personal beliefs about them.

Bare in mind that Stephen Fry has never experienced God and will doubt, against all the overriding evidence that any such neurological experience exists, even though it’s been show to be scientifically true from a multitude of sources now, simply it hasn’t filtered down to the mainstream as yet, and won’t for another decade or so I doubt.

As someone that experiences God’s love, (a deep love – a non normal human emotion that wasn’t there before) that experience comes first, then ideas about it (including my own) are seen for what they are, secondary. No matter what I say or postulate, that experience remains.

For someone that doesn’t experience God, ideas must always come first, they are primary. They are tangible, and as such, form the basis of all reality to them. Because to such a person the experience of God is a delusion and thus doesn’t exist, it is always the idea of God that has primacy for an atheist and it is that which is debated or sometimes attacked. It is often the Biblical and factually inaccurate description of ‘plonk down creation’ that’s attacked as well as Biblical based ideas of a God that decides absolutely everything e.g. if your baby gets cancer God chose it, that atheists take exception to. As is usually the case on such scenarios we find there are elements of truth on both sides of the religious atheist debate.

Does the experience of God exist? Yes. Are some of our ideas about God likely wishful thinking? Yes.

As per the norm each person ignores evidence as they wish to fit in around their beliefs and anchors up the rest of their arguments, dismissing anything else that doesn’t fit from the other camp.

Such outdated descriptions and ideas about God we are finding just aren’t the reality, however, as science has shown, challengingly, believing them to be true doesn’t alter that neurological experience of God or it’s existence..

Such debates, or attacks from atheists are very useful, and whilst based partially in scientific and experiential ignorance, they freely challenge theological dogma.

Thus, in the scope of the right mind – a beautiful mind – an open mind – they allow the reshaping and reformation of ideas about God leaving such experiences untouched and real as they always were.

It’s all about keeping an open mind and realising what you knew yesterday is always open to change, disproof and improvement, from there comes true intelligence that mimics the rules of the creation, because it is always evolving.


Gay Bryne and Stephen Fry Interview Section 1

Byrne – “Suppose it’s all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates, and are confronted by God. What will Stephen Fry say to him, her, or it?”

Fry – “I’d say, bone cancer in children? What’s that about. How dare you? How dare you create a world to which there is such misery that is not our fault. It’s not right, it’s utterly, utterly evil. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world that is so full of injustice and pain.”

Such occurrences of cancer are very unfortunate byproducts of the evolving creation, which is not perfect and never shall be. Such cell mutations, are the reason we evolved to exist in the first place, and cancer of course is an occurrence where such mutations have gone wrong. I’ve talked a lot about how God must be an incredible scientist and mathematician to set all this creation off, but in terms of mathematics, it’s estimated been 50 and 70 billion cells die each day due to apoptosis in the average human adult and for an average child between the ages of 8 and 14, approximately 20 billion to 30 billion cells die a day.Thus each cell must be replaced.

And in the blood, a different process is at work called erythropoiesis where approximately 2 million cells are being replenished each second. Thus as Stephen was postulating the terribleness of creation, over 2 billion cells will have died within him and being replaced. (All if you believe him, which came into existence and knew their jobs through evolution (correct) evolution which is itself a process that just existed and began by pure chance – highly unlikely.)

Cancer occurs when just one of these replacements turns cancerous, so just 1 in our 100,000,000,000,000 cells in all goes wrong. Such a deviation is absolutely minuscule, that it is a close to perfect as can be. Hardly a reason to show that creative force hatred as it busily sustains you in order to do so one could argue. Of course therein lies a difficult aspect of our human condition, because no matter who good things are, we will always find a problem or room for something better. Today, due to a huge amount of misinformation, many are unaware of access to that beautiful force within, which unrealised or not, busily works away like a dedicated parent, only to be chastised by it’s at times ignorant and selfish children – the human being and creation of all it’s hard work over billions of years.

Would a loving God want or decree such things as cancer to happen? I think the statistics show, certainly that was not the intention, but they do happen, sometimes in children other times in people, sometimes by total chance, other times through other causes such as genetic and environmental factors. And we hope one day to cure such ailments, as co-creators with that higher, intelligent and evolution enabling force I call God. For Fry to use such an argument that there is no Creator, or that such a Creator is evil because of these occurrences, is like me saying my Mac crashes once every 20 billion times I turn it on, therefore Steve Jobs doesn’t exist… or that he evilly intended to make a faulty computer. Is it better to have no computer at all, rather than one that sometimes develops faults? The question we must ask if we are to put ourselves in the mind of a God who may not may not be existent to us, is this – Is it better to say there should be no life, than life with so many wonders but sometimes obviously terrible occurrences?

What do you think? If you think the latter, then under that argument you should never have children. Would small chances of things going wrong put you off the joy and wonder of having children? That’s a personal decision, for myself, I think the reward outweighs the risk.

If we look at the mind of God, we can say perhaps an imperfect mechanism of creation was chosen over no creation at all, and if that a perfection creation could have been made it would have been, perhaps it is still evolving towards that perfection which it may not may not reach.

The idea of a perfect Biblical creator who plonked everything down on earth exactly as it is, has of course been shown to be false. That creative force operates by rules, and we call those rules science. Sometimes, the consequences of those rules aren’t good at all from a human standpoint. Yet, this creation is evolving, it has evolved to a level where a human child even exists to get cancer, where I, Stephen Fry and you can even be alive to contemplate the question and are being sustained and kept alive as we do so. That is the very definition of something so miraculous calling it eternal love seems an understatement of gigantic proportions.

We have evolved so that meditative techniques are being recommend for those with cancer, to help them relieve the emotional stresses of the disease. Why do these techniques exist? Why are their rules and ways to fight cancer? As we evolve in tandem via and under the rules of that ever-present force that is God, we shall uncover more and more of the “code” of the science of cancer and be better able to prevent and cure it.

Thus we don’t have perfect state of affairs, but we are at least moving towards perfection, albeit slowly.

As for injustice, there is much yes, but overall the rules of reality, which can be bent or abused in the short term, mean that justice will prevail in the long run.

In short, errors and imperfections in the code of life, science, as blown up by Stephen Fry as they have been to fit his ideas, do not at all mean there is no creator. Indeed such statistical minute, could equally be judged to be evidence of a creator, and a highly accurate and benevolent one at that.


Gay Bryne and Stephen Fry Interview Section 2

Byrne – “And you think you are going to get in, like that?”

Fry – “But I wouldn’t want to, I wouldn’t want to get in on his terms. They are wrong. Now, if I died and it was Pluto, Hades, and if it was the 12 Greek gods then I would have more truck with it, because the Greeks didn’t pretend to not be human in their appetites, in their capriciousness, and in their unreasonableness… they didn’t present themselves as being all-seeing, all-wise, all-kind, all-beneficent, because the god that created this universe, if it was created by god, is quite clearly a maniac… utter maniac, totally selfish.”

Presuming there is a heaven, are God’s terms wrong? The first thing to realise is we all have the potential to experience God, although miseducation makes that harder than it should be. Environmental factors vastly sway and determine which way you’re likely to go. If experiencing God means heaven or not, then there certainly isn’t a level playing field, so those terms are in essence greatly unfair from an individuals viewpoint. So too you’re far more likely to be of a certain religion based on nationality, if too only one religion is right, thats unfair also.

Of course the great leveller is scientific truth. We can say now the neurological experience of God’s love is real, but no one seems to care about that! Us human beings prefer to shape that around what we believe rather than the other way round.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to see problems with the creation, to criticise it, and want to solve them. Yet it would be interesting to know, what has Stephen Fry done to help cure cancer in children? Maybe a lot, maybe nothing. There are obviously problems in this world and we should all do our best to solve them, wether we experience God or not. Being angry at that enabling and creative force, God, is that going to achieve much? Certainly if we look from a human standpoint, we can justifiably ask why is there so much suffering. We can get angry at it. Let us not forget we as human beings create a lot of that suffering ourselves with out selfish ways, other suffering such as cancer is a by-product of the creation, and yet more suffering such as emotion and mental, again occurs, but within there is a cure to that, and that is finding God through one of the millions of paths. Sometimes there is a reason for our suffering, for a greater good, other times there isn’t a reason at all and suffering just exists.

This idea that God can come and click his fingers and take away suffering simply isn’t real. Even with coming to experience God, the mechanism requires brain plasticity, it operates under rules and takes time. Using those same rules of science we have the ability to end many of the things that are destructive to us. That’s pretty wonderful once we know the rules and use them in our favour.

Is God a maniac then? Because something is created that isn’t perfect and has problems, does that make someone or something a maniac? Perhaps we bestow too much incredibleness on God and it would seem even God has limits because we can agree there are things wrong in the world, just by design. If making something imperfect makes us a maniac, then using that logic that would make every single one of us maniacs!

What about all the billions that do experience God and his wonderful love? The incredible detail and harmony of the Universe. Should that be ignored? I think God would have a good comeback.

I see this a lot with atheists they they all see God as firstly non existent or a joke, and secondly an evil maniac, often based on Biblical depictions and the issues with the world. They put absolutely everything in his hands and on his shoulders. It’s a little like someone flying in First Class complaining they didn’t get some peanuts on the flight, sure you’re still flying, you’re still alive, it might not be perfect, but it’s pretty good. To say their were issues with the flight, doesn’t mean everyone that made it happen is a maniac, it just means things could be better.

Of course because atheists don’t experience God’s love and deny the scientifically proved experience of such, they come at that argument already biased. I know that intangible called God intimately, I got there through a combination of grace, knowledge and hard work. I feel that love through the changes on my brain that can be seen and which I did’t know would happen, or try and make. I have an anchor to put all else in perspective with. When I didn’t experience God, yes I was pretty angry, as is Stephen Fry. I hated the suffering of the human condition without God’s love, but it drove me to find God. Atheists however have no idea of that experience, plus they mistake belief or religion as needed, because they focus on their ‘ideas’ about God above all else.

These ideas are cherry picked personal reflections they use to form a reality that is based only on belief. They attack others ideas about God which may or may not be factually correct, and view all such people that experience God including me, as deluded, when all the evidence now shows is not true, that there is a very real and wonderful experience going on in the brain – the centre of all your experiences.

Thus atheists can only really focus on their own non experience and the physical reality of the world, for good and for bad. They then set upon their own imagined idea of God as being perfect and all powerful, able to bypass the rules of science and reality, and having set him up to fall, state that you’ve either screwed this up or you meant to make issues and you don’t care, thus if you do exist you’re evil or more likely you’re non existent.

God can change the reality, and physical manifestations such as the brain, but is confined by scientific rules of that reality it would seem. Human beings could always have been on the creative agenda, just they took time to create through evolution and it’s rules of random mutation (which no one seems to know why they occur in the first place nor the reason they do occur). Thus, as confined by rules of science as he is, God may not cure your cancer, but can ease your suffering if you use the available mechanisms to connect to him such as prayer and meditation. Such mechanisms also lower stress levels and could therefore lower likeliness of illnesses occurring too. So in that way there is an influence of God without doubt, it’s just not quite as direct as some people believe.

The miracle of this creation, and the fact we even exist to question it, shouldn’t be ignored. God’s presence in the background of all our postulations, gratitude, anger, belief and unbelief is incredible and it’s hidden to all those absorbed in the senses and the World (anything manifest) as being the primary leader of reality, when in fact they are secondary, to, coming after what was un-manifest, nothingness and everything-ness – e.g. God.

We don’t indeed have to spend our life on our knees thanking God, but does God want you to experience him? Yes it would seem so, because we have the faculty to experience him. This is something we are only now figuring out, free of interpretative inaccuracy, it would seem that we have evolved to be wired to experience God, if there is no God, then why would this have occurred? Why would we have evolved this way? It all seems a great coincidence to some, for me, such a belief is harder and harder to reconcile the deeper I go.


Gay Bryne and Stephen Fry Interview Section 3

Fry continues… ” So, atheism isn’t not just about not believing there’s a God, but on the assumption there is one, what kind of God is he? Yes, the world is very splendid but it also has in it insects whose whole lifecycle is to burrow into the eyes of children and make them blind. They eat outwards from the eyes. Why? Why did you do that to us? You could easily have made a creation in which that didn’t exist. It is simply not acceptable. It’s perfectly apparent that he is monstrous. Utterly monstrous and deserves no respect whatsoever. The moment you banish him, life becomes simpler, purer, cleaner, more worth living in my opinion.”

Again Fry is attacking the Biblical ‘plonk down’ creation idea. Creation was seemingly set in motion by the Big Bang, by an unseen unknown, or by itself. Either way for whatever reason, for life to be there must be death, a recycling of tissue as it where. The way that is might not suite us and at times may seem evil from our very tiny and limited selfish perspective. It’s interesting to find that Stephen Fry isn’t vegetarian. Thus his arguments about being reliant on killing other things to survive seems rather muted as he, like me, has done so all his life.

Life is here to survive, and from a human stand point, such things as eye eating insects are utterly evil, yet for the insect it’s just eating to survive and have offspring, which is pretty much what we all do as human beings.

There is absolutely no difference whatsoever.

The insect has evolved and mutated to survive using the rules of science that govern evolution, as have all things.

I don’t think God cares how that life force evolves, or in what form. If evolution is happening, improvement is going on and that seems to be a big thing to the Universe and thus we can surmise the Creator. Some sort of balance and harmony, however it is achieved, seems to be the goal. If we wipe ourselves out by destroying our planet, the Universe goes on. We can’t blame God for that, we simply didn’t evolve quickly enough to understand the very obvious rules of our environment and evolve our lifestyle quick enough to carry on. And something else will come along, evolve in the same way and take our place and experience God just as we can.

We could develop something to wipe out all the parasites, great for us, evil for them and anything that feeds off them too.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Atheists and many religious people seem to think we are the centre of the Universe and we are meant to God’s centre of the Universe too. When you look at the evidence it seems not at all, we are simply his most evolved creation through the said processes, which it would seem were pre-ordained, such as evolution.

Do I think it matters to God if its human beings or instead another life form experience him? No not at all, we are just further along the evolutionary plan as it where, which certainly seems to be for life to evolve into something that can experience what evolved it.

How strange it would seem that was all by blind chance.

That’s where we are right now, that’s what’s happening, for some reason we have a very precious place in the creation right now but it’s no something special about us or our plan, it’s something special about what created us, it’s plans and leading us to where we are.

If we look at the evidence, God, is something that wants to create, that wants life to survive, and obviously, with what we have found over the last 5 – 10 years wants life (substitute human beings at this point in time) to experience him given how our brains have evolved to experience him and deliver peace.

He wants life to evolve, which is why it does evolve. Let us not forget to get to where we are, how many billions of animals and insects have we killed? Is that utterly evil? That without the billions of animals you and your ancestors have killed, you couldn’t be alive now and kiss your partner and feel love? Each kiss you give is tainted with death, does it seem evil to you?

Well it seems, it was either that… or nothing. With your joy of life, must come sadness, and the price, is death, at least in this realm.

Of course we are now evolving further to be able to synthesise meat, so we don’t have to kill at all. The fact billions of animals will never be born because of this future advancements deeming them unnecessary, is that evil or good?

Finally, Stephen Fry says the moment you banish God, life becomes simpler, purer, cleaner, more worth living. I think this is true for an atheist because God is a seen as such a terrible thing. And God isn’t actually terrible, at all, it’s our unpleasantness to each other based on what we do or don’t believe which is really the enemy and what is really terrible. It’s needless division, anger and hate, rather than an approach of peace, unity live and let live. And that’s why it’s great we have us all here on earth, slowly but surely figuring things out and coming to real, objective answers, that don’t depend on what we subjectively believe to be true.

Having an experience of God or not, makes you no greater or lesser worth as a human being, that must always be remembered

So of course, once you take out this idea of a terrible evil creator from your mind that’s meant to be in charge of you, and responsible for creating such evil, you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself. You’re no longer arguing with your own mind and own creation of nastiness.

However, it is the idea that is at fault really because it is yet another barrier to experiencing God, and my goodness there are millions. God is evil, evil exists, religion is evil, the Bible isn’t true, I believe in the Big Bang, parasites are evil, bone cancer is evil, I’ve had a bad life etc etc. And that’s all fine, they aren’t barrier to that experience of God at all. But I think to know God better, you have to actually experience him first, then make the call, rather than looking selectively at his handywork, either through rose tinted glasses of religion or through the atheists darkened shades. And you don’t need to believe the experience of God exists, it does exist and can be reached through factual means.


These ideas are very hard for someone to alter or question because they are central to someones identity and personal harmony. No one likes to ruffle their world view, its uncomfortable and not cosy at all.

Introspection is key, to see that something in your experience remains subtly the same as the ideas come and go, and it is that which is the essence and foundation of all creation and is within each of us now.

So by seeing beyond the ideas you can really go on a journey of discovery and open your mind to the scientific facts of reality, rather than what you believe about them, and use the mechanisms that exist in reality to connect to that source I call God. It’s there you find real truth, not in the layers of debate and interpretation, which as stimulating as they are, are simply secondary to what created them.

To make your own mind up about God rather than what you’ve being told, and confusing him solely with your own ideas and religious ideas is something I’d recommend. There are elements of truth on all sides of the camps, and objectivity lies beyond most of their heavily biased, subjective and lopsided viewpoints.

The beauty of what I’m talking about is it remains in all people, untouched, as you have ideas, feelings, thoughts, it never fades. It’s actually totally unaffected by them, simple comings and goings in it’s presence.

It is then by delving into the experience of that ever present divine ‘something’ within, hidden by all you treat as so important in your life, you shall know your true source, and the source of this pretty perfect, but admittedly imperfect creation.

No matter what you think about the creator, judgment day, the afterlife, the creation, or the word ‘God’, that experience is real and remains and is by far the greatest thing I’ve experienced in my life.

God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

Thanks for reading about the Gay Bryne And Stephen Fry Interview.

If there is a God, why doesn’t God stop war?

Why doesn’t God stop war? This is a big barrier to coming to God for many people.

Most people who have a relationship with God would answer you by saying God doesn’t stop war because he could do but he hasn’t yet. “All in God’s time”, they might say or “There are somethings we aren’t ever going to know”. They think God could stop war, like he is a figure in the sky that could just click his fingers. That’s a personal belief about God and we haven’t seen any evidence for it unless you believe the Bible and God murdering thousands of people based on their ethnicity. I don’t buy it all. Of course that’s fine if it’s what you believe, but it’s not sufficient for most doubters.

If we hold the belief that God could stop war instantly in that way up to the factual reality today, we can see it just isn’t true.

What’s actually going on is that God has stopped war, but in a far more subtle way. He has created a Universe, most likely via the Big Bang that is subject to very definite rules of reality that makes war an option that has worse consequences for all involved than peace. These rules as human race we either forget, ignore, try and abuse or can’t apply.

These rules mean the truth is we either learn to live with each other or we will destroy ourselves. That is how God has ultimately stopped war and will stop war.

History has shown us the same to be true. War is about Wordly gain – power, money, resources, religion. Yet no one really gains anything from war, but Worldly things, and Worldy things are nothing compared to the love of God.

Of course history shows experiencing God won’t stop wars either, it isn’t just about experiencing the love of God, one can still have that love and abuse God’s rules too and go to war. It’s about mimicking God’s love for us without how we act, and looking at the solid rules of his construction. Seeing why war can never work is about gaining a deep understanding of his rules of reality.

Specifically on a larger marco level those in power need to understand –

  • No one group or faction can or ever will be omnipresent. Trying to create such a landscape will lead to mutual destruction.
  • All people have a right to live in peace.
  • Remember despite appearances and apparent differences that all of us are God’s children – all are one and part of a unified whole whether others know it or not – anything else is delusion.
  • Therefore the well being of the whole depends on the well being of each of the component parts.
  • Anyone therefore under the misapprehension that anyone else is a true enemy is under a delusion.
  • The majority, knowing this, should defend peace and unity at all times.
  • Therefore never attack but always defend as much as needed without counter attack and do so with full conviction that your enemy is your brother whether he knows it or not, and their well being is ultimately your well being.
  • Trying to destroy a component part is like cutting off your own legs to cure a broken bone and expecting to be healed. Allowing yourself to be destroyed is no different.
  • When you destroy others, therefore you are destroying something the same as yourself both at the time and likely yourself and others later due to retaliation.
  • Understand the Devil is the real enemy – not each other – and no one else is the Devil, yet the Devil exists within us all and corrupts us all to turn us against each other, only God can defeat him.
  • The Devil want us all to priotise the World and difference above peace and unity.
  • The enemy therefore is not outside and is not others, but within us all.
  • Forgive others their pasts and the pasts of those associated with them, that is the only way to heal the power of the past, one of the Devil’s main tools.
  • Do not seek to subjugate other nations and peoples to your power and will.
  • Do not lie to your own populace and try to justify wars in the name of democracy and truth, when they are always about money and power. Instead educate them about the true nature of things.

Therefore we can see God has stopped war.

Now it’s just a matter of time that humanity realises the rules of the game as it were and plays by them, rather than their own rules.

As people we all have a job to do and that is not support those that support war in the name of money, power, resources and religion, but elect those that understand the rules of reality and the oneness of mankind.

Thanks for reading and yours in peace

Barlcay Littlewood

How to find God without belief. Finding God with or without belief – help for those without God

If there was any one my message was really for, it is anyone that doesn’t have a relationship with God and doesn’t yet experience God’s love. Someone that might even what to find God without belief.

After all, anyone that experiences God already isn’t going to really benefit from my words. They already have their way. By listening to me they are more likely to damage their relationship with God because they’ll begin to question the surrounding structures of their beliefs.

I’m more interested in helping those that live what we’d call a modern day, western life. A life without God.

Such a person doesn’t have an experience of God, thinks God is a load of old rubbish, and thinks science has disproved God’s existence. They mainly live for their own happiness, their families happiness, leisure time, material satisfaction and work. They are obsessed with the worship the World for fulfilment.

My approach is more tailored to a modern life then many of the older religions because it’s focused on objective facts only.

I’m not about putting barriers up for people to come to God, but tearing them down. You can find God without belief.

Some facts for you –

  • The more science looks at the Universe, the more it realises the utter complexity of the design and the more it realises it doesn’t know.
  • Look at the Universe in detail and you will see it is one interrelated whole.
  • The Big Bang and evolution are real.
  • Know one has however proved what caused the Big Bang.
  • Creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive. The existence of either does not disprove the other.
  • Would you believe a cake was created by luck? Then why the Universe? You have a belief that is harder to hold than a belief that something as intricate as the Universe was created.
  • God was and is obviously a very intricate scientist, look at what he created.
  • God’s love can be scientifically seen with it’s effects on the brain during meditation and prayer.
  • You can experience God without belief and without belief in any stories or mythology.
  • Experiencing God, like everything in the Universe, is a process.
  • You can reduce anything to the base level such as molecules, and atoms. If you write down all the chemicals, organs, molecules that you are made from, does that accurately describe you and your life? When why do you think it accurately describes the Universe and life?
  • You may have achieved all you wanted from life, but something still feels missing, why do you think that is? Because something is missing – God!
  • God’s love can be experienced on earth and comes from being in his presence.
  • God’s presence is right with you now and I can prove it to you.
  • That presence alters your organs – your brain, your heart, they are “plastic”. They are not set in stone. The presence alters the very fabric of who you think yourself to be and your experience of life.

It used to be that belief was required to find God, that’s not the case any longer. You can find God without belief.

This is how you can objectively find God without belief.

You are reading these words now. Are you aware of that? Of course you are. Well that awareness, presence, call is what you like, is always there. It never changes. It was actually the same before you knew about it. If you think it has changed, you don’t understand me and haven’t yet found out what I’m talking about.

What’s going through your mind right now, what do you feel? Confusion, cynicism, disgust, disbelief, agreement, intrigue? These come and go, the presence, the awareness of them remains. True or false? You can agree it’s true or false, and you are still aware of that are you not?

If you’re confused don’t look for something in these words and your reactions to them, look at what envelopes them, remains despite them, within you.

Did you ask for that awareness? Can you switch it on or off? Does it exist in just you or in everyone else?

That awareness, presence, ever lasting factor in our experience, is the unifying factor in us all. It’s wound up inside of us, is part of us, it is naturally there in us all. Effortlessly there.

It’s so hard to find, but so utterly obvious once you identify it!

Now you’ve found it and it may take some time, comes the second part of the process, allowing that presence to take over and be the main focus of your life. Begin to live your life from that standpoint. From the viewpoint of the container rather than the content of your experience. Meditate on the same. Your brain, and mind begins to change. You will experience, if you keep going, a deep inner peace. It is like a light switching on inside of you. At first it may only be for a moment, then after a while it becomes more permanent. This is what we call bliss, or the Holy Spirit. Congratulations, you’ve now tapped into the love of God.

This presence you thought was yours isn’t yours at all.

And it’s not just a blank presence. It’s divine in it’s nature. It is God. It has powers, attributes all of it’s own. Pray to it, give thanks to it, immerse yourself in it, serve it. Confess your sins to it. Idolise it over the World and yourself. Watch how all that once seemed so important to your existence is shown for what it really is – hollow compared to God.

As you go deeper and deeper, you will begin to experience and know God intimately. You will really begin to believe in his powers. You will experience his love for you, and use that relationship as your guide to your relationships with those close to you, others and the World at large.

And there you go, you will have experienced God without any belief.

There are many different ways to God. My way is actually Christianity, but I’ve also drawn from a multitude of different areas of spiritually, science and philosophy on the way.

I encourage you to do the same, but try and choose a narrow and direct path from an established source.

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

I don’t believe in God. Answering Someone Who Doesn’t Believe in God

Point 1 – I don’t believe in God!

Okay not a problem. You don’t have to believe in order to experience God’s love.

Belief implies that you have to believe in something that isn’t real, provable, or shown by evidence. Belief implies you have to believe something else someone tells you to be true.

Many modern day people equate a belief in God to a bit like a belief in Santa Claus.

Many claim you have to believe in God in order to find him. That’s not entirely true. There are other ways that are not common knowledge by a long way. Belief has been used as a word for what we don’t understand for a long time. Belief is a short cut, (so perhaps the smarter way), but it’s not the only way.

You can objectively find God. Here’s how.

Wether you have a belief or no belief, what stays the same within you? Tough question hey? Are you confused? Do you understand what I am tying to say? How do you feel about it?

Well forget all that – (or even don’t forget it) – something has still stayed the same. Something remains unmanifest, eternal, exactly the same.

Is it a presence? Is it the moment? Is it a force? Is it awareness? Is it silence?

All these are manifest, material terms of the World.

Give it a name or don’t. It remains whatever you name it.

Are you still trying to find it? You can’t find it so to speak, because it’s never not been there within you. You may have just not noticed it. And even as you try and notice it, all attempts to notice it happen and it’s still there!

All these questions, interpretations, and things happen and it’s still there within you! It can never leave. It’s wonderfully and naturally effortless. What I am pointing to is the eternal presence within you – right now.

Something that stays with you always and was there from the moment you were born, to right now, until the day you die. It is something that is in us all, as life itself, and it is eternal.


Point 2 – Okay, so what, I know what you mean but it doesn’t change anything?

That ever present ‘force’ changes your experience of life.

It’s a foundation. A base. A rock. It can never go away. It sees everything from that never changing standpoint. All the content that happens within you is secondary to it. All that you have prioritised over it, is actually seen to come from it, to be auxiliary to it. Your knowledge, your feelings, your identity, your personality, your loves and hates, your dreams and struggles, your labels, your thoughts, your social rules, your sensitivity, your insecurities, all flow alongside that presence at exactly the same time.

If you prioritise that presence as the greater factor, which it is, over time, this presence changes your brain. This is not an intellectual exercise, but one of living in a different way. Your very interface with the world and the source of who you are begins to alter. After some time or maybe a little time if you are lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of spiritual bliss, also know as Holy Spirit. You don’t have to believe what I am saying, I have proved it. (See


Point 3 – Okay, even if that’s true, that force is just me. That means I am as much God as anyone!

That unmanifest, force, awareness, presence, may be in you but it’s greater than you.

It’s still going to be around you when you are gone. It’s in others too. It will be there even when earth is gone.

It’s the base level of all creation. It was with you before you had any idea of who you were, any concept of thoughts or words.

And it has qualities all of it’s own, intelligence of it’s own, rules of it’s own, it is what governs the entire Universe. Don’t confuse yourself to be it, be greater than it, that’s one of the most dangerous traps there is.


Point 4 – Scientists have shown God doesn’t exist!

No they haven’t. No one has ever shown what began the Universe and they never will because it’s unmanifest and veiled by the manifest World.

God is just a word. Right now, like everything else in the World, you have an idea of God. You think of God in manifest terms. That idea is probably wrong, but it doesn’t matter. What I want you to do is put that notion asides for a moment.

When I speak about God I am speaking about that unknown force that set the Universe in motion, most likely through the Big Bang. That was the mechanism that set off the Universe. But what force set off the mechanism and stays with the creation now? That is what we call God. You can either prioritise and live for that invisible force that began the Universe above all else, or live for and prioritise the manifest creation of that force – (‘The World’) – there is no other alternative.

You can’t identify God in itself as such, because that force is what is there when you are trying to identify it! You can only point to the work of that unmanifest force in the physical, manifest world and it’s effects on it.

If you want to read more on why science will never find God using it’s current methods please visit the Divine Energy post.


Point 5 – Okay a force set off the Universe but so what? That’s just science! It’s not a greater or smarter creative force, it’s just the Universe!

The force that set off the Universe must be greater than what it created.

That force is hierarchal to what was created, because whatever was created came after the initial force of creation. Put it this way, every single thing you can see or conceive came from the Big Bang. All these things were all born from it, therefore, they are made of the same stuff, connected to it, but they cannot be greater than it.

Does that mean God exists outside of the Universe itself? We can’t answer that, but we can say that the force that began the Universe, must be heriaschial to all that it created and came from it. It does not have to be subject to the same laws as what it created, which makes it very hard for us to understand.

All that is alive came from that force and is subject to it’s laws, “it” did not come from us, we came from”it”. It is forever joined to us because it is what made us. It is a divine force, and when you experience it you will know and feel that intimately as the ultimate truth.


Point 6 – We are just molecules, chemicals, nothing more.

We are much more than molecules and chemicals!

Reducing anything to it’s base component never accurately defines it. Look at a cake, list the ingredients, does that come close to describing the cake, the experience and joy of looking at the cake and eating it? All you are doing when you say we are molecules and chemicals and nothing more is seeing the code from which we are made. It is that code that enables your life but it is not your life.

In the same way you can say we are just molecules and chemicals, we come from the very stuff from which the Universe began. Thus we can never be separate from that force that created us. In a scientific sense it is our parent and we are it’s child. We can look deeper and deeper, and we will simply see more and more code, and be in more and more awe at its intricacies.


Point 7 – My life is great without God!

Yes it may well be, but the same life with God is always better.

God is a wonderful source of love. A never-ending deep love, AKA bliss or Holy Spirit. You may be loved, be a good person, have a great life, but add God’s love to that too and it would be even better, in that there is no doubt! God has also provided rules, in terms of the rules of reality, which you may live by already, but if not, they are also a great guide on how to live life.


Point 8 – If there is a God why doesn’t he stop all the problems on earth?

God has enabled the ending of problems with the rules of the Universe.

God can and does affect the physical Universe, that force is the parent after all, but that force in the manifest world, must operate within the rules of reality itself too.

The main way God effects the Universe are with his rules – the rules of reality that are in control of everything. Whilst these rules can be bent they can’t be broken. We must learn to forgive, we must learn our place below God, we must learn to look after our environment, we must learn to tolerate different religions and races. We must learn not to give into hate. If we don’t do this, then there are consequences that are designed to bring us back from what is false to what is true.


Point 9 – If there is a God why were there earthquakes and tsunamis the kill innocent people? Why do babies get cancer?

The creator is as perfect as anything we know and so is the creation – but the creation is not perfect.

That is why there are natural disasters that kill people good and bad. God doesn’t want these bad things to happen, and didn’t intend them, they are simply errors in the “code”of the Universe.

As his children, we can use that code to improve situations, and that of course is called science.


Point 10 – What about religion, you must be saying religion is false? Why do religions not agree?

All interpretations belong to the World – they point to what began the World.

Therefore in the sense of what all religions point to – none can be inaccurate – because inaccuracy is a term that is based on ‘Worldy terms’ e.g. thoughts, evidence, facts, interpretations. Because this force remains the same no matter what interpretations we have, it means that all proofs are equal, non can really be better or more right than others.

If you think I think that may way is superior to any other way you’d be wrong. All that matters is people have come to God. After that, wether they truly understand the rules of the manifest World and live by them is a different matter – and certainly there one way can be said to be superior to another.

Some religions can also be more accurate in their explanations, but what they point to is always the same – a divine, loving, creative power that is greater than us as human beings but connected to us. All over the world, different groups of people came to the very same conclusion in what are seemingly very different ways.


Point 11 – Why does religion cause war and suffering if it is from God or for God?

An intolerance of other religions causes war, arguments and suffering.

When people begin to think there way is more right than that of others, and lower other people to a different status due to different beliefs that’s when we see wars, arguments, hatred and suffering. You can only prioritise The World over God or God over the World, the former leads to issues and differences, the latter to love.


Point 12 – Where is the proof that God exists?

There is plenty of proof all around you and within you.

If you don’t believe in a creator, you believe then this was all by chance. I congratulate you on being able to believe that, but after looking after the intricacies of the Universe for a great deal of time, I cannot agree.

Everything is simply too well designed, intricate and organised for this to be by chance. There is an order to the chaos. A plan and purpose for everything, rules by which everything work and a hugely deep web of complex interrelationships. Plus, when you begin to use my method or others to find God youR#8217;ll begin to experience the divine within you as deep blissful love and peace. You’ll begin to see things revealed to you that you never knew about yourself. You’ll see prayers answered. You’ll see and experience God in others.


Point 13 – What’s wrong with just working hard, loving myself, my family?

Nothing at all, but a life with God is more fulfilling.

The World, your family, your spouse, what they can give you and their love can never and will never compare to the love of God, which can be experienced here on earth. This is how we were created, if we don’t know this we only live half of the reality.

We are ultimately flawed, but God is not, why would you choose to live without his love? As long as your remain your own God, and the World is your God, you are confined by it, you lose out on the greater knowledge and understanding of God.


Point 14 – Evolution shows there’s no God

Evolution is further evidence their is an intelligent creative force at work.

Evolution casts doubt on Biblical explanations yes, yet it shows that their are definite rules in place in the Universe, further evidence of an intelligent creative force that designed all of this, and is hidden behind the manifest world. Through these rules, the Universe is continually analysing and improving itself, dropping what doesn’t work and re-creating what does. That is the very blueprint of that unmanifest force in action, it’s intelligence at work.


Point 15 – I don’t believe in God. People who believe in God are deluded or brainwashed!

Delusion and Brainwashed are relative terms.

We are all deluded compared to each other in Worldy terms, because no one agrees exactly on much. Yet I can tell you if you think the World is the ultimate reality and all there is to live for, it is you that are actually deluded. You are simply living a potential reality, which is not wholly accurate.

In terms of brainwashing, we are all brainwashed in one way or another – by the World, by religion, by our parents, by our environment. You aren’t as in control as you think you are nor as individual as you like to think.

So a better question is, is your brainwashing accurate and what does it bring you?


Point 16 – I still don’t believe in God!

Then I wish you well in your journey.

Keep searching and asking questions, and I hope you will find your answers. Remember it’s only very partially an intellectual journey, after that you have to test things for yourself.

Ultimately remember this truth. You can idolise any knowledge, evidence, what people say, others, the World all over and above God, but nothing will ever be as great as knowing God and experiencing his love on this earth.

All in God’’s time. You know best – your experience is more powerful than my words.

I’d encourage you to live a life for yourself. Do exactly what you want. Live for your own happiness. Live for others happiness. Live by your own rules. Live for gaining all the things of the World that are seemingly so important. Gorge yourself on your own satisfaction, and happiness. Write a list as long as your arm of all the things you want from the World that will make life perfect.

Keep going and going.

Then once you’ve pleased yourself, and gained all you ever wanted, or lived a life entirely for others, then come back to these words.

Nothing in this World is a great as a relationship with God.

Forget my or anyone else’s spiritual advice. Living your life is far more an important teacher. It maybe one year or ten years, until you are ready to admit that the World is nothing compared to God, then you will be ready. It all happens in God’s time, not mine, or even yours.

Yet what do we mean by in God’s time? Each has to find their way along reality, find out what is true and what is false. That’s far more powerful than what I or anyone else tells you to be true or false.

All that is seemingly wonderful and all that is seemingly terrible, is slowly pushing us along to find God and it’s all in God’s time.

These words cannot speak as loud as your heart. They have to come to you at the right time, and even then, they are only a guide for you.

Live as I described and you’ll still feel like something is wrong, not quite right, and your friends won’t be able to believe it. From the wonderful life you’ve created they’d think you’d be the happiest person alive. But you don’t feel as good as you expected.

And why? Because you’ve lived a half reality. You’ve lived only for the World, and not for God. (By that I mean you’ve lived for anything in the manifest World, anything we can speak about, identify, feel or touch. ) You’ve made a God of yourself, others or the material world.

When the Universe was created, the force that created it, stayed attached to us. It’s a natural bond in the same way that occurs between any parent and child. When we fail to recognise that inner force of God and feel God’s love, we can never, ever achieve more than half of what we ought to, because we are living as half of ourselves. We aren’t living as we were really designed to. We were living in a way we thought was best, what we had been told was best, in a way that ignores the fundamental nature of our existence.

The World, is simply second fiddle to God and always will be. The painting can never be more talented than the painter, the house can never be more intricate than the architect, the garment never more inspired than the designer. It just takes you to enjoy and then suffer from your misapprehension that the reverse is true, and all that happens in God’s time.

What you’ve always worshipped, is simply the handy work of an amazing force. Now rather than worship what he made, perhaps it’s time to worship the maker.

When that time comes and you’ve had enough, that you want to find God and at last feel real fulfilment, simply begin by praying this prayer with sincerity.

“Dear Lord, please forgive me. I’ve been foolish and lived for myself for so long. I only want you, and to be loved by you. Please forgive my sins, I promise to live as you want me to live. I am yours forever. Amen.”

The Great Invisible

The Great Invisible

The Great Invisible, this is the un-manifest. That intangible, something or nothing, call it God or whatever you like, that spiritual masters have talked about for thousands of years.

How do you ‘find God’? What I notice from any people who are under the belief there is no such force is that they themselves define God in very tangible and inaccurate terms which they then deceive themselves with. They use evidence to fit around what they think true, rather than looking at the evidence objectively to decide what is true.

‘God is a mythical figure people need to believe in to feel better about their life.’

Wrong, God can be found without belief, and as ‘a force’ it actively changes one’s neurochemistry so they do feel better.

‘God is just something invented to keep control of people.’

Wrong, God if found by yourself, you will hand over control to, you will live for, because the living love from that force is incredible.

‘God is something to delay gratification in this life for.’

Wrong, that force can give you the greatest gratification, in this life.

‘Science has shown God doesn’t exist.’

Wrong, science has shown some religious interpretations are inaccurate. Science is now showing the mechanisms at work in prayer and meditation that bring the holy peace religions have spoken of for years. Either the Universe set itself off, or the Great Invisible set if off, and continues to be behind it’s very scientific and explainable workings today.


How Can I Find God?

You can look at the outside for some evidence of a designing, in control force, the startling accuracy and detail of the Universe and life for example. The wonderful interrelationship of everything, how everything follows set processes and rules. The wonder of evolution. Doing that will encourage you to look a little deeper.

Yet you can’t find the Great Invisible directly, you can only infer it’s existence by looking at the visible, the manifest.

To really know God, you go within and work by a process of subtraction to identify that ‘force’ which has been scientifically proven through prayer and meditation brings you divine peace.

I can tell you it’s all sort of things, do this, do that, think of this way etc. and it still remains. I could write 1000 books about it and it would remain absolutely untouched. It’s within all living things.

Finding it, it’s not about living in the moment or living in the now although it’s always there wether you do that or not. It’s not about losing your ego. It’s not about working hard to be a better person. It’s not about losing body consciousness or sense of self. It’s not about loving or liking everyone. It’s not about being humble. It’s not about being deep or being simple. Do or all that or don’t and what’s still there and never altered?

Clear away all the content of your experience of life, anything you can describe, feel, know, do and what’s left? It’s a very subtle something, or nothing.

That is what is objectively God’s presence. It is above, beyond all matter, all manifest. Not in some abstract sense, it actually is in reality. It exists there, as much as we try and define it, find it, still there.

It runs simultaneously within us all, along with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, judgments knowledge, and so on. For most people it lives so far in the background of these they have no clue it’s even there. They are far too wrapped up in all that content to see what’s under their very noses, it’s wonderfully subtle.

Simply when all is said and done, it comes down to this – that ‘force’ God is within all. There are only two types of people then, those that understand this, are tuned into it, experience it and benefit from it (through thousands of seemingly different paths) and other’s that don’t. And there’s no real difference at the base level between either, because both still have it within them. To question God’s existence, one must be sustained by that intangible force itself.

At first, what I’m saying about how to find it, won’t make any sense to you. It will seem like an opinion or an idea. That’s because most people live entirely in the content of their experience without noticing what’s within and always there in-spite of that content. They work on opinions, ideas, manifest facts as opposed to total facts. They might work a lot on that content, to be nicer, kinder, smarter, whatever, but they miss the force that is going to change them more than anything else – the ever present and eternal within.

And that force, the Great Invisible, as I have scientifically proven, brings your more peace and joy than anything else can in this world because unlike the world, and anything manifest, which is always temporary, it is eternal.

What does it feel like to experience God?

I experience God.

Several people wrongly think I have ‘belief” in God, I actually have no such thing.

Indeed, my ability to connect to, to experience what many call God, is actually in terms of rationality, the most rationally explained thing there is.

That’s not to say you’ll get it, or find it interesting however!

Our brains, bodies, for some reason, have over a great deal of time, evolved to allow us to connect to the source of us, of all creation. If this interests you, and you seek proof, I suggest you research the topic of Neurotheology.

Connecting to that higher power is nourishing. Revitalising. Life changing. It is, incredible, indescribable grace. When you experience the power of it, you will see why so many people have had no problem laying down their lives for God or their religious interoperation of God. Or sadly in other cases, even taking the lives of others to please God.

Yet the overreaching power of God is love. Love really is the answer. Think about it, how often do you throw a little love into a situation that’s challenging with others? It’s not easy to do, it’s far easier or intuitive to copy how people are to you. It may or may not ‘work’ but I’d argue the giving it, was all you needed to do. Anyway, I digress.

Reading these words is not connecting. Trying to understand me is not connecting. Arguing and postulating about these words, or religious difference is not connecting. Reading positive books is not connecting. Learning about the ego or personal development is not connecting.

Intellectual questioning and debate is not connecting.

All those are just different ways to use the brain, to experience something. If you want to experience debate, then debate. If you want to doubt, doubt. If you want to experience ridicule, ridicule. If you want to experience a search, then search. If you want to experience arguments, then argue.

Connecting is connecting. Worship is worship. Praise is praise. Meditation is meditation. Read about the many religious and spiritual paths, and you will see they all contain these tenements, as well as many good rules to live your life by.

You need to learn these ways to make them work – they are ways to use your brain, your heart, your gut, the very fabric of your being.

There needn’t be anything unusual or supernatural about your beliefs, or there indeed may be. People might laugh at them, or perhaps find them exceptionally mundane, yet beliefs, ultimately, are a delightful variety. And the reality shows us, in all their guises, they are very much separate, a pre-cursor to the experience they lead to.

God is our protector, he loves us, come to him with sincerity, seek to please him above all else. Develop a personal relationship with him, and you shall see too, and what a blessing it is!

Thanks & God Bless


What is this world?

What is this world?

Ultimately, the world, the Universe is a creation of a Divine Energy, something we often call God.

Now hold back if you think that’s just an opinion. A force set off this Universe and we have no idea at all what it was. We can only reasonably infer that it had some intelligence by looking at what it created. In addition this is a divine power you can experience inside, whilst alive.

First you may want to read about Divine Energy here.

More than anything else however, the world, your experience of it, all religions, are at their very highest a giant vehicle that takes you to coming to know that Divine Energy – God.

That is not an idea, a perception, or an opinion, it’s a solid, cold hard fact. Indeed it’s far more factual than anything else you can know or understand.

I know from where you are reading, it may seem like wild fantasy, and I have been there too. I’m not here to get you to agree with me or my way, but to test your assumptions and beliefs for yourself.

Each and every day, you can open your eyes and see the limitations of yourself, your own knowledge, your own experience, your own rules, your own search for fulfilment.

You can gain absolutely everything you have ever wanted, be the sort of person you’ve always wished and gain everything from the world and ultimately if that’s not put in it’s proper place, you’ll only be left wanting more.

You can work on yourself for many years, become an extremely polished character, someone that lives by the highest of morals, and still something won’t feel right.

If you don’t have God in your life, and you feel something is not quite right, or even worse, terrible, that’s because you are living a half reality and your time has come to find out the truth.

You can only trust me and others, who exist on the flip side of the coin so to speak, that this truth exists.

Then you have to go and find it of yourself.

What is this world? This world, this Universe, you, are secondary to God and always will be.

If you have a belief that is otherwise, then I invite you to continue to test that assumption in your life.

You’ll see exactly where it takes you and I promise it shall not be as you hoped.