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How to be a real man

I wish my father had taught me how to be a real man. Sadly, he was consumed by the suffering from his own absent father and left us when I was 8 years old. I have great sympathy with him. Many times we don’t deserve the hardship we suffer when young. It just happens to us. Likewise, the love we receive is a lottery too, as are the habits, often passed down from generation to generation. I didn’t see my father for 20 years after he left so, with a lot of trial and error, a lot of anger, a lot problems, I had to learn myself. I continue to learn.

Everyone can learn to be a real man, the truth is without good fatherly guidance today, it’s hard. Many boys, and men, are ‘developing men’. Now they may or may not be developing, but everyone has the chance to! There are no lesser men really, there are just those with more struggles, more hardship, more adversity than others.

Here’s my top ten ways of how to be a real man –

1. Real men feel a lot of love for themselves. They have a high opinion of themselves and high esteem but not at the expense of others. Yes they love themselves, but no more than others. Thus, their love flows outwards in a spirit of comradery and unity. Real men like who they are, they feel good about being them, they are very comfortable with who they are.

2. Real men evolve. They learn, grow, they are like putty, strong putty! Real men don’t try and change to feel love, they feel love, and this propels any change. They change, learn, and grow, with their inner joy touching all they do.

3. Real men forgive, and they respect kindness and love from others – developing men can’t overcome the pain needed to forgive. Developing men take advantage of kindness and love as something to be exploited because they are yet to feel true love for themselves within. Developing men therefore often find it hard to fully appreciate love given to them and often abuse it.

4. Real men compete with themselves – they don’t feel the need to compete or compare themselves with others in order to feel worth. Real men feel worthy of their own fruition. It’s not about how much they lift in the gym, how good they look, how much they earn, or their fame or job title. They don’t look up or down at others based on this. Real men try to be the best they can be – that is where they know the real competition is. They don’t get envious of other’s achievements but get inspired, they don’t feel the need to put others down to feel better.

5. Real men are honest – they don’t cheat on their wives, they don’t steal, they tell the truth, and are honest about their mistakes and affairs. Real men apologise when wrong, they are big enough to handle the fact that they mess up. A developing man will try and hide the fact he is wrong, lie, excuse it, just so his fragile sense of self remains intact and he feels okay. Developing men would rather blame and point fingers at someone else for their issues than take ownership of them.

6. Real men don’t blame the world or others for where they are at, or what they are feeling. They take ownership of their own stuff, there own lives, rather than trying to explain it away. They put the power of their own lives and in their own feelings in their own hands, not that of others.

7. Following on from the above point, real men don’t rely on others to feel good about themselves – they rely on themselves to feel good. A real man is independent in his ways, not a reactor or puppet to others. A real man isn’t phased by others opinions about him, or potentially harmful acts towards him. He’s secure in who he is, his own values, confidence, attributes and so on. Accordingly, a real man can absorb his woman’s pain, and be there for her to support her through her vulnerabilities. He can do whilst lending a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. Many times, a real man won’t try and be a fixer – he will just try and be there.

8. Real men don’t physically or verbally attack others. Real men don’t often feel vulnerable, developing men do. Anyone that verbally attacks usually feels threatened, or is expressing some fear, trauma or pain inside, real men see the source of that and don’t often feel threatened by it. A real man will only defend his body from attack using only necessary force, he will never attack another or cause harm to them.

9. Real men look after their bodies – they eat healthy, they keep fit, some may drink a little, but they do not rely on food, drugs, etc. in order to shore up their emotions and feel good about themselves or cope with the world.

10. Real men don’t turn their backs on others. They support their families – they look after them and love them. Even if a relationship breaks down, they are there for their exes and their kids. Real men try and help others in trouble or in need, even those who have broken their trust, or have wronged them. Beyond that, real men try and be there for the world at large, irrespective of race, religion, nationality, social status or anything else.

11.Finally, a bonus point – Real men show special people in their lives they are special by doing something special for them – perhaps cook a meal, a secret date, buy flowers, or just some special words.


Thanks for reading & God Bless


I Worship God

I will never put my well being in another person’s hands.

I will never put my well being in my own hands.

I will never put my well being in the hands of money.

I will never put my well being in the hands of circumstances.

I have fallen out of love with my self.

I have fallen out of love with my knowledge.

I have fallen out of love with my wisdom.

I have fallen out of love with my pride.

I have fallen out of love with the world.

I have fallen out of love with my life.

These are the greatest blessings.

My well being is with God.

I have fallen in love with God.

I am God’s child.

You are God’s child.

All that is loving, forgiving, peaceful is of God.

Anything else is of the evil one which God helps me defend against and overcome.

I am a vessel for love, forgiveness, kindness that flows from God.

I am in love with God and God in love with me.

His love is real, and accessible to all on this earth.

I pray all shall experience it one day and live as he intended.


Why is life with God the ultimate achievement?

The Universe was created, most likely by the Big Bang. Whatever the invisible force that set the Universe in motion was, it kept with us all. It was part of you from the day you were born. It is still within you now.

Wether you know it or not, feel it or not, experience or not – that never changing presence or awareness envelopes all those things. It’s wonderfully subtle. You can’t catch it, describe it, hold it, define it, because all attempts to do so happen within it. As the scriptures rightly attest, God is truly always there and always watching.

What I’m saying is not a belief, it’s a fact. And that presence isn’t yours it is God’s. Something greater than you alone, something that is in all living things and will continue to exist for all of time.

At some point, some of us lose touch with that divine spark inside of us. Some point in childhood or a little later the newness and excitement of the life and the World fades a little. We turn more and more to the World for our sustenance. We begin to create identities, there’s a sense of us and the World and things we can gain from the World through our interactions with it. We can become more and more wound up in ourselves, others, our careers, our reputations, our possessions, our spouses, our families.

Yet, ultimately, if we don’t know God, that means we are living half lives. We lose touch with that force which sparked the Universe, which stayed within us, and is present now. Instead of living for God and enjoying life and the World, an imbalance occurs, we prioritise all that is of the World over God. A life with God just seems like a delusion, something so unimportant.

The issue with that is everything you can gain from the World, is wound up in the World itself.

What do I mean by that?

Dreams, aspirations, desires. Once fulfilled, they give us pleasure. If not fulfilled, we keep hanging onto them, striving, perhaps forever. If we are lucky enough to gain whatever it is we seek, quickly or over time our fulfilment begins to fade. We can begin to look for something more, something different, something new. Thus, real satisfaction from the World is temporary and fading. Everything we struggle to hold on to from the World we can and will lose at some point, including the most precious of our belongings – our life.

There is nothing wrong at all with getting the things you want in life, it’s what we pin on them. What we think they can bring us. What we think we can bring ourselves. What we prioritise over God

All these wrong priorities causes issues. That’s because it’s a fact that The World and all that is in it, is only half the reality. When put under scientific scrutiny, what you think is the truth doesn’t add up. Living without God, is actually an experiential delusion. It cuts off an inherent part of you that life with God brings – a whole and joyful relationship which is the true reality of things.

Nothing in the World can satisfy you as much as a life with God.

God, is always with you. Objectively, that presence within can never leave us, it can only seem to be not there as the World becomes prioritised for a fleeting moment, periods of time, or even for life. The Devil keeps us hanging on to prioritising the World, with a promise of joy that never comes.

If you haven’t reached that point yet of disillusionment, perhaps you need to go on and on until you do. Perhaps you never will reach that point.

Yet I can tell you, as someone who had once never known God, and has had all he wanted from the World, a relationship with God is the greatest thing there is. If there is a purpose to the World, it is divine, to bring you back to God and your real nature and experience a life with God.

Find that ever present within you and you have your first glimpse of God. Prioritise that in your life and you will begin to feel bliss or Holy Spirt in time. You will know God, feel his love, and you will have achieved something that the World can never give you and will likely never understand.

If that time has come for you, then maybe you will see some truth in my words, if not, they will simply be another thing of the World to you, passing, temporary, fading, and lacking any true fulfilment.

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

Love And Righteousness

All around us, we see pain and suffering in this world. And we feel it within too, all too often.

What is the answer?

Love and righteousness.

Always, the root cause of this pain and suffering, this hate, comes from us devaluing other human beings. Sometimes perhaps that is because we have been devalued so much in the past. Somehow we can lose our way and see others as worthy of attack, inferior to us, fair game, beyond or not worthy of our love and righteousness. We have many reasons, it’s always “because, because, because”. Colour of their skin? Nationally? Role in society? Personality? What they did? Religion? Difference of opinion?

This is easy to spot. In the end, it comes from the Devil, and we, all of us, are open to his influence. Those that don’t know the Devil exists, even more so. It doesn’t matter how much prayer you’ve done, how much meditation, how much you read the Bible or Quran. In the end, you can spot the Devil within. It’s always about destruction and harm, even in the name or guise of ‘good’ or ‘justice’.

All of us must guard ourselves against this, and as I will come to, God is only only true defence.

It can be on a large scale of course, wars under the guise of the protection of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ which are really ploys to destabilise governments and exploit minerals and oils from overseas territories by the ultra wealthy that really control politics and our armies. Revenge attacks to destroy ‘evil Westerners.’ Wars on Islam, by other Islamic sects and others or wars on Christianity or New Age Spirituality. Wars on a certain ethnicity of people. Wars with actions, or words. Racial hatred, religious hatred, political hatred, national hatred.

From that moment each of us was born, each the same as the next, we have in our time as a human race invented and devised lot of ways and reasons to hate. A whole lot of differences abound. Yet it is really so simple. There are no real differences. All differences exist only on the scope of the very limited human mind. In God’s eyes, there are No Muslims, no Christians, no Americans, Germans, French, no blacks or whites, police or soldiers, protesters or prisoners – just human beings, just his children, a product of this creation.

Of course, all of these ways to hate are in one way sickening. A vile attempt by human beings to devalue or subjugate others to their ways or actions, acts of exploitation or revenge in order to gain some peace and feeling of well being inside. Yet being sickened can soon lead to evil within as well. That sick feeling we get, when we see hate, is better to be used as a reminder to be love, to be righteousness – to all and one. Nothing else is the way.

All human beings, however much they may seem lost, need that love, need righteousness. It’s hard to like all other people, even impossible, but we can give them that love and righteousness. Ultimately, that means just a little love and respect for all as your brother and sister, no matter how different they seem. It means don’t do anything to harm them. Just to extend a little goodwill, even only a millimetre if you can. It’s not complicated, doing it is harder of course. But a little is all you need. And real love, real righteousness, doesn’t expect to see a reaction or a change, to gain something, it is just done. Then you have done what you need to.

And also, we see this pain and suffering on a smaller scale too, which paradoxically can often effect us a lot more, because it involves our daily experiences. Our daily interactions with people, those close to us. So much about others can irk us beyond belief. Unloving ways, unkind words, aggressive, disrespectful, or un-thougthful behaviour for example. And we are guilty of it more than we know too.

How can we deal with all of this?

Well, we must first, in our own way, continue to seek love and righteousness within. To cultivate it. For me I cannot make any bones about it. I have tried many ways for many years, likely a lot more than 99% of people, and the answer is very clear. In it’s greatest and purest form, this love and righteousness comes from God. That divine energy, being, or however you think of it, that is at the source of us all. There is no thing more loving and righteous than God. His love is so tangible, so real, so powerful it is immense.

This love is open to all. As all hate comes from the brain/mind, so does his divine love. The scientific existence of it and many paths ability to produce it, is absolutely clear. You may imagine God doesn’t exist, but imaging that is all you are doing. You’re simply not using your brain in the right way. Each one of our brains has evolved to allow us to connect to God. You just need to learn how to do it. It is the doing it that matters. Books, and others can only be a guide. Then work on that connection each day, prayer, worship, meditation, yoga, reading, whatever does it for you.

When we are tested we should first call on God in that very moment. Point our minds, or brains to him. Rather than let our brains go haywire with our reactions and what we think is the best, and right and deserving way to be, we call on God.

God is a wonderful feeling of uplifting love, he will bring peace.

Then we can respond with the only way that works – to be loving and righteous. We have peace within. We shall do no harm. I would argue either one without the other is impotent. It is possible to do some horrendous things in the name of ‘being loving’ just as much as it easy to act with ‘righteous’ with coldness and harshness.

We stop being puppets to the suffering of others, we stop letting their suffering become ours and we prevent compounding our suffering and theirs further.

We can still be strong. We can still enforce consequences. We can still make choices. We can still stand up for right and wrong. But when we do, we do it with love and righteousness, out of help and support and a genuine desire to add something good into the world, in whatever small or large way we can.

Remember the Devil doesn’t want that, he wants you to hate, and attack others, and for them to do the same to you. No one wins that way, history has already shown us many times, let us wake up planet earth.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Preaching reality

Preaching reality. That’s what I try and do.

All over the world, millions if not billions are experiencing God’s love, right here on earth. They are glimpsing eternal heaven within as the live. It doesn’t matter what you or I, or anyone else believes about it. If doesn’t matter whether you have God in your life or not, or whether you think he exists or not.

The experiences of those who benefit from God’s love cannot be denied. The fact they don’t exactly tally with yours is irrelevant. Their experience is evidence all of it’s own.

Those that don’t experience God, how funny it would be if their experiences were denied as imagined!

No, the truth is there are those that do experience God and those that don’t. That’s the only real distinction between anyone, and even that is quite marginal, it’s not a reason for difference or argument. After all, most who want to find God or need God find him, and those that don’t, don’t. It doesn’t make you a better or worse person to have found God, and really has nothing to do with being better than anyone just because you have. All I can say is I’ve never been a great person, but I’m better with God than without, and I think most people would be too, but that’s not to say they aren’t far better people than me already.

Yet all have the potential to experience God, that is key to remember. Anything else anyone tells you is an an absolute lie. That’s because objectively, and scientifically, God’s presence is in all, subtly behind the everyday content of our minds, emotions, experiences, it’s that indefinable that never changes. It doesn’t matter if you agree with that or not, it’s still there. Whether you believe in it or not, still there. And for some reason, once you notice and tune in, it alters the very fabric of your brain to bring peace.

There’s no need to be a better person before you get there, or change in anyway, because it’s right under your nose. A total gift, so wonderfully subtle and easy, unmoved and unaltered by all definitions and the flow of your consciousness, just there, always there, effortlessly. What grace! It is ultimate power, ultimate benevolence, ultimate knowledge. How the things of the world pale in insignificance to it! Find that and it will do the changes for you.

Of course, much explanations of Holy Texts we might not agree with, but the experience of God is absolutely ambivalent to factual accuracy, as is shown by the reality. If I can experience God’s love with a total dedication to factual accuracy, and someone else can do so without, how can one way be delusion and the other not? They are simply different routes to the very same place, a place that is beyond the manifest. My arrogance is to think my way is superior.

What matters is the facts behind the veneer – there is an always present something, a ‘power, constant, undefinable’, unaffected by all experiences and comings and goings in our lives, it is within us all and it brings peace. It washes us clean, cleanses and saves us. Call it God or whatever you like, but it is the eternal and you have a direct access to it.

Again a Christian might not agree all ways point to the truth, a Muslim might not agree, a Buddhist might not agree either, but with respect to the ‘my experience is more valid than yours’ camp, none can bring more evidence of any weight than the other. No religion has monopoly on the truth. I don’t preach beliefs or opinions, I’m only preaching reality.

Not my reality, the cold, hard, objective reality.

Past all the differences there is unity, at the foundation is an experience of God one religion brings which is the same as any other.

My opinions and beliefs count for nothing, all I’m doing is stating the very obvious facts that the reality shows us.

This isn’t about preaching what I believe, it’s about preaching reality, and that’s what I intend to do a whole lot more of.

Spiritual traps – how to avoid them and come closer to God

I’ve done the rounds on the spiritual side of things. I’ve ploughed thousands of hours of work into it all, and I continue to do so, hopefully I can save you some time by sharing my experience of God and his rules.

Here’s what I consider to be some main spiritual traps that can actually keep you from God and his love.

Personally I don’t think it’s a case of agreeing or disagreeing with me, it’s about testing and applying these things to yourself to see if they are true.

In the words of Oscar Wide, “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth learning, can be taught.”

The objective of any education should be your learning, and often you learn by your experience.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favourite Biblical Quote and says it all.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

In many cases I feel people need to make the same mistakes and fall into some or all of these spiritual traps in order to go through the learning process and burn off the energy as it where. This helps them gain more awareness of themselves and heighten their submission to God.

As always, remember what I say is always far less important than your own experience.

  1. An over focus on personal development in order to obtain spiritual enlightenment is one of the biggest spiritual traps. You can try and try, you aren’t ever going to be perfect or as loving as God. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and be loving and Godly, just realise for whatever reason human beings are flawed and real love comes from God. Work too much on yourself and it’s a form of self idolisation – that’s why grace exists.
  2. Not seeing our sins or blaming others for our sins. You can fool yourself, or others, but not God.
  3. An over focus on changing your subjective experience to make you more loving before finding God is a spiritual trap. Change your subjective experience as much as you like in order to find God, you’ll only realise the futility of it all.
  4. Making God’s awareness and presence (and later love) something that is not accessible now. God’s presence is accessible now, not when you’ve become some wonderful and perfect person you have in mind. You can test this now. Where you aware of the last sentence and now this one? That’s God’s awareness and presence, not yours. Yet you mistake it to belong to you. It belongs in all people, whatever veils it., it’s there, whatever religion, atheist, anyone.
  5. Mistaking God’s awareness or presence with something personal that is your own. This teaching puts you in the shoes of God, everything is fine ‘because you are aware of it.’ This one needs some deep work in order to realise.
  6. Over intellectualising everything in order to try and ‘get it’ is one of the toughest and most time consuming of the spiritual traps. This gets you idolising the world and knowledge, over your own experience and relationship with God.
  7. Being bothered abut the ego is one of the most common place New Age spiritual traps. Before you knew what ego meant no one had an ego, now you see it everywhere. God loves people with ego and those without. You may find this hard, but he doesn’t. Trying to lose your ego is another way of trying to find God by works and doesn’t work.
  8. Spending hours debating minute details and differences with other people is really one of the spiritual traps that wastes the most time. It’s a form of worshipping the world and knowledge. Instead focus on the core tenements of your approach, finding God within yourself and worshipping him.
  9. That any distinction between good and bad is arbitrary. Not so, the Devil will try and trick you that good and bad are the same thing. This is spiritual nihilism and is destructive.
  10. That God is all things, everything in reality, including you. That all are God. This is wrong and gets you hooked on how you make others feel and how they think about you, as well as your own experience. Fall into this spiritual trap and there is no one or thing to pray to follow their rules, because you are as much God as anyone else. God may be the ultimate source of all things, but all that happens is not from God.
  11. Messing around with the “you” or “I’ in order to remove it and the notions of the world is a spiritual trap. We’ve been created to experience the relative and the absolute. Both exist in harmony, the truth is neither obscures the other and they can be both experienced simultaneously. It’s common upon finding the absolute that is God to try and not experience the relative, yet later you’ll go back to a more dual, normal experience that contains both the relative and the absolute.
  12. Thinking there is nothing to be done. Finding God and immersing in him is incredibly hard work, yet his presence is already with you, focus on that presence, pray, read his word.
  13. Thinking all is as it should be. It’s a comfortable idea, but the world certainly needs help, perhaps just not in the ways you think.
  14. Mistaking your way for the only way. There are many ways to God, everything we say about it is ultimately down to interpretation.
  15. Its a spiritual trap that God is not judgemental. Whilst God’s love is free and accessible, God does judge us all. When we don’t know God, or we act wrongly in his eyes, we’ll be punished accordingly, here on earth.
  16. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk is a spiritual trap. Sure you need knowledge about God, but knowing a treadmill exists doesn’t make you fit. It’s the same with God, using, applying and doing what you know, to live Godly is key and often overlooked.
  17. Trying to manipulate the world to your own ends is a spiritual trap. This will get you idolising the world more than God.
  18. Thinking you can hide things from God – God knows your heart – focus on pleasing him over pleasing yourself and the world.
  19. Being intoxicated by the freedom of God’s love and simply doing as you like, of all the spiritual traps, this can be the most dangerous.
  20. Being overtaken by pride is one of the spiritual traps people often fall into when finding God in their own unique way. Many people have found God before you and will do in the future. God’s love should make you feel special but at the same time humble yourself.
  21. Thinking there’s an end point to this all, like it’s an equation to figure out. There isn’t. Once you find God, the journey continues. It’s all a never ending process to be enjoyed!

Thank you for reading and may God bless you as you avoid these spiritual traps yourself.

God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

Sugar addiction therapist

Just for fun I thought I would see if I can rank first in the world on Google for the term sugar addiction therapist.

No I am not a sugar addiction therapist – but spit that candy out from where it came and don’t despair. I have beaten my own sugar addiction and can help you too, for free. Meaning you don’t have to go and find a real sugar addiction therapist, should such a thing even exist. (And as it doesn’t I am your best bet anyway.)

Before we go on I would like to dedicate this page to my sister and my wife. At least one of whom I am sure is reading now, whilst eating some sugar in some form or another.

Sugar, (by that I mean refined sugar/cane sugar etc.) is at least as addictive as any narcotic drug and almost as harmful. Yep, people that eat sugar are actually, drug addicts. To me seeing a kid eat candy, is like seeing them drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. Indeed, the effects of sugar are so damaging on human health that I predict within 20 years most major economies in the world will tax sugar at a rate similar to alcohol and tobacco and award subsidises to healthy food producers in return.

We’ve often heard the “sugar is 7 times more addictive” than crack tagline, accurate or not, treatment of sugar addiction is incredibly similar to drug addiction treatment.

You want to approach it from 8 angles. As the world’s leading and only sugar addiction therapist (well hopefully soon anyway according to Google), remember beating your addiction takes time. You can’t cure it in days, we are talking weeks, maybe even months, but sugar addiction is curable!

Here’s my sugar addiction therapist’s 8 ways to cure your addiction – to be used all at once!

  1. Reality therapy – Until you see sugar as a drug, something that can get you hooked at any point, you will likely not give it up. Don’t think it’s a drug? Then just give it up. You can’t can you? You have a problem. Your brain thinks you need it, you are psychologically addicted. And what’s more sugar makes you stupid, causes depression, makes you obese, causes inflammation of the joints, diabetes, and is now linked Alzheimer’s (now also known as Type 3 Diabetes) and a host of other serious health issues.
  2. Emotional therapy – A lot of people eat junk food to feel better about themselves. You need to start feeling better about yourself, of your own accord. Stop beating yourself up for unhealthy eating, for who you are, how you look, or anything else. Be loving and kind to yourself, show a little love to others, and screw what comes back for your self fulfilment and self image. And certainly screw anything from the outside world for feelings of well being, including money, material goods and alcohol.
  3. Spiritual therapy – You eat candy to feel good, there’s no better feeling than God. (Or whatever name us petty little humans seek to give him or her today and then argue and kill each about it.) If you’re a skeptic, then go and read some nuero-theology. You will see the key to it all is in the spiritual exercise. And yes, it’s all scientific. Start meditating, praying, worshipping and even consider joining a religion you like.
  4. Purchasing therapy – Don’t buy candy when you go shopping, if you don’t have it, you can’t eat it. Avoid the candy aisles at your local stores, walk right on by. Don’t even look at the desert menu when you eat out, pretend it doesn’t even exist.
  5. Awareness therapy – Check everything you buy and currently have in your home for sugar, high fructose corn syrup, (or any syrup) honey and cane sugar, you’ll be amazed at what products they hide it, such as BBQ sauce, Almond milk, and “healthy treats”.
  6. Substitution therapy – When you crave sugar, reach for an alternative instead – fruit. A little fruit isn’t so bad for you, and even a lot, is a heck of a lot better than candy.
  7. Gradual reduction therapy – When all the fruit doesn’t help, have a little candy, what’s a little? Less than you usually would have, and less often. I used to allow myself to have candy only on Saturday, and I could have as much as I wanted. In time, I started to not look forward to Saturday’s, that was the beginning of the end.
  8. Physical therapy – Start some exercising, if you are unfit, just begin walking, build up slowly, listen to your body. Now you have an extra interest in avoiding candy, it’s going to add weight and hinder your exercise progress. Begin to eat healthier, eat real food, not man made food stuffs that are killing many in the Western world.

There you have it. I am not a sugar addiction therapist, but, that’s what worked for me.

I am sugar free and feel amazing for it.

No more energy crashes, waking up with a fuzzy head, cravings, or putting on needless weight! Wahoo!

Good luck with your sugar addiction therapy and going clean!

Best & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood – Your Sugar Addiction Therapist For The Day