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The Secondary Nature of Self

If you think about all the human evil that’s been done over time, it’s always in the guise of looking after me or my own, over you and yours.

It’s about getting what I want, because I want it or because I think God wants it.

This I call the being immersed in the secondary nature of self.

Maybe its about imposing our ways on each other, our interpretations, because we know better than others. Perhaps it’s about making them be and act like us, or perhaps it’s the never ending search for fulfilment via the world.

Perhaps it’s our adverse reactions to someone and what they’ve said or done.

Inner suffering causes outer suffering – and the source of suffering is all ultimately finally tied to yourself.

That notion that you are the very epitome of this creation means you can only rely on yourself, a sub structure that is not self sufficient.

Some branches of spirituality preach there is no ‘you’. That all are God. This seems so on discovering the absolute source within you, but there is indeed a you, and the source of you. All experience the former, only some the latter.

It is the source of you which is greater.

Call it what you like, God, spirit, Allah.

It is greater than you, more permanent, more prevalent, more knowing, more advanced, more joyful. It is within you, however hidden. You are simply a creation of it.

It maybe a separate source you think of it as, something that was there when the Universe began, or it maybe something that only began to exist when the Universe began.

Whatever your idea about it – it is the source of that.

The more you pass power to God to take yourself out of the equation and immerse in what made you, sustains you, the more your separateness to your source fades.

And the root of all your desires, all your pride, all your vulnerabilities, all your worries, slowly dissolves.

Such joy, right with you always, right under your nose!

You identify what’s within us all, what’s the true source of each and everyone, everything. There all are already loved, in that, there are no real differences, no issues, no problems.

The source is incredibly ambivalent, incredibly care-free, yet in the name of love, it exists, simply it’s love isn’t limited, nor is it’s freedom. People are free to love, to mock, to argue, to hate, to be considerate or otherwise, free to reject God, free to find God, and this is why the source is greater than all else in this world, all that it created.

God’s love is the greatest teacher, God takes you, as you are.

God exists in all, known or unknown.

God so above it all, that these words are simply mere reflections of the power and light within.

So next time its tough, remember that secondary nature of self, and pass it over to God, anything else is back to front and will only bring you suffering as a result.

You may be vulnerable, you may be down, you may be struggling, but what’s connected to inside of you is beyond and above them all.

Shining brightly and joyfully as always.

God Bless


Barclay Littlewood


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