Barclay Littlewood

An Insight Into My Life

The eternal presence, does it belong to me?

The eternal presence within, that which I call God, or Divine Energy, but can go by any name, and certainly does not exclusively belong to you.

You cannot steer it, change it, move it. Of course you can change how you think, what you think, steer your mind and your actions, yet that eternal presence remains always. It can neither fade, increase or decrease.

Our descriptions of it very wildly, at times seemingly in conflict, other times seemingly baffling.

Notice it in your life, and through grace it shall bring you eternal peace, the peace of Holy Spirit or bliss.

It is always there, always watching, it can never fade. As much as you try and find it, it remains. As you name it, talk about it, it still remains.

It is greater than any occurrence in your life, any occurrence in the world.

It is untouched and beyond them all.

It is within all people, within me, as much as it within you. Wether it is unrealised or not, guised under religion or not, it is true unity within all of mankind.

Thank you for reading,

May the eternal presence of God be found within you.

God Bless

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