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Sugar addiction therapist

Just for fun I thought I would see if I can rank first in the world on Google for the term sugar addiction therapist.

No I am not a sugar addiction therapist – but spit that candy out from where it came and don’t despair. I have beaten my own sugar addiction and can help you too, for free. Meaning you don’t have to go and find a real sugar addiction therapist, should such a thing even exist. (And as it doesn’t I am your best bet anyway.)

Before we go on I would like to dedicate this page to my sister and my wife. At least one of whom I am sure is reading now, whilst eating some sugar in some form or another.

Sugar, (by that I mean refined sugar/cane sugar etc.) is at least as addictive as any narcotic drug and almost as harmful. Yep, people that eat sugar are actually, drug addicts. To me seeing a kid eat candy, is like seeing them drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. Indeed, the effects of sugar are so damaging on human health that I predict within 20 years most major economies in the world will tax sugar at a rate similar to alcohol and tobacco and award subsidises to healthy food producers in return.

We’ve often heard the “sugar is 7 times more addictive” than crack tagline, accurate or not, treatment of sugar addiction is incredibly similar to drug addiction treatment.

You want to approach it from 8 angles. As the world’s leading and only sugar addiction therapist (well hopefully soon anyway according to Google), remember beating your addiction takes time. You can’t cure it in days, we are talking weeks, maybe even months, but sugar addiction is curable!

Here’s my sugar addiction therapist’s 8 ways to cure your addiction – to be used all at once!

  1. Reality therapy – Until you see sugar as a drug, something that can get you hooked at any point, you will likely not give it up. Don’t think it’s a drug? Then just give it up. You can’t can you? You have a problem. Your brain thinks you need it, you are psychologically addicted. And what’s more sugar makes you stupid, causes depression, makes you obese, causes inflammation of the joints, diabetes, and is now linked Alzheimer’s (now also known as Type 3 Diabetes) and a host of other serious health issues.
  2. Emotional therapy – A lot of people eat junk food to feel better about themselves. You need to start feeling better about yourself, of your own accord. Stop beating yourself up for unhealthy eating, for who you are, how you look, or anything else. Be loving and kind to yourself, show a little love to others, and screw what comes back for your self fulfilment and self image. And certainly screw anything from the outside world for feelings of well being, including money, material goods and alcohol.
  3. Spiritual therapy – You eat candy to feel good, there’s no better feeling than God. (Or whatever name us petty little humans seek to give him or her today and then argue and kill each about it.) If you’re a skeptic, then go and read some nuero-theology. You will see the key to it all is in the spiritual exercise. And yes, it’s all scientific. Start meditating, praying, worshipping and even consider joining a religion you like.
  4. Purchasing therapy – Don’t buy candy when you go shopping, if you don’t have it, you can’t eat it. Avoid the candy aisles at your local stores, walk right on by. Don’t even look at the desert menu when you eat out, pretend it doesn’t even exist.
  5. Awareness therapy – Check everything you buy and currently have in your home for sugar, high fructose corn syrup, (or any syrup) honey and cane sugar, you’ll be amazed at what products they hide it, such as BBQ sauce, Almond milk, and “healthy treats”.
  6. Substitution therapy – When you crave sugar, reach for an alternative instead – fruit. A little fruit isn’t so bad for you, and even a lot, is a heck of a lot better than candy.
  7. Gradual reduction therapy – When all the fruit doesn’t help, have a little candy, what’s a little? Less than you usually would have, and less often. I used to allow myself to have candy only on Saturday, and I could have as much as I wanted. In time, I started to not look forward to Saturday’s, that was the beginning of the end.
  8. Physical therapy – Start some exercising, if you are unfit, just begin walking, build up slowly, listen to your body. Now you have an extra interest in avoiding candy, it’s going to add weight and hinder your exercise progress. Begin to eat healthier, eat real food, not man made food stuffs that are killing many in the Western world.

There you have it. I am not a sugar addiction therapist, but, that’s what worked for me.

I am sugar free and feel amazing for it.

No more energy crashes, waking up with a fuzzy head, cravings, or putting on needless weight! Wahoo!

Good luck with your sugar addiction therapy and going clean!

Best & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood – Your Sugar Addiction Therapist For The Day

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