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Preaching reality

Preaching reality. That’s what I try and do.

All over the world, millions if not billions are experiencing God’s love, right here on earth. They are glimpsing eternal heaven within as the live. It doesn’t matter what you or I, or anyone else believes about it. If doesn’t matter whether you have God in your life or not, or whether you think he exists or not.

The experiences of those who benefit from God’s love cannot be denied. The fact they don’t exactly tally with yours is irrelevant. Their experience is evidence all of it’s own.

Those that don’t experience God, how funny it would be if their experiences were denied as imagined!

No, the truth is there are those that do experience God and those that don’t. That’s the only real distinction between anyone, and even that is quite marginal, it’s not a reason for difference or argument. After all, most who want to find God or need God find him, and those that don’t, don’t. It doesn’t make you a better or worse person to have found God, and really has nothing to do with being better than anyone just because you have. All I can say is I’ve never been a great person, but I’m better with God than without, and I think most people would be too, but that’s not to say they aren’t far better people than me already.

Yet all have the potential to experience God, that is key to remember. Anything else anyone tells you is an an absolute lie. That’s because objectively, and scientifically, God’s presence is in all, subtly behind the everyday content of our minds, emotions, experiences, it’s that indefinable that never changes. It doesn’t matter if you agree with that or not, it’s still there. Whether you believe in it or not, still there. And for some reason, once you notice and tune in, it alters the very fabric of your brain to bring peace.

There’s no need to be a better person before you get there, or change in anyway, because it’s right under your nose. A total gift, so wonderfully subtle and easy, unmoved and unaltered by all definitions and the flow of your consciousness, just there, always there, effortlessly. What grace! It is ultimate power, ultimate benevolence, ultimate knowledge. How the things of the world pale in insignificance to it! Find that and it will do the changes for you.

Of course, much explanations of Holy Texts we might not agree with, but the experience of God is absolutely ambivalent to factual accuracy, as is shown by the reality. If I can experience God’s love with a total dedication to factual accuracy, and someone else can do so without, how can one way be delusion and the other not? They are simply different routes to the very same place, a place that is beyond the manifest. My arrogance is to think my way is superior.

What matters is the facts behind the veneer – there is an always present something, a ‘power, constant, undefinable’, unaffected by all experiences and comings and goings in our lives, it is within us all and it brings peace. It washes us clean, cleanses and saves us. Call it God or whatever you like, but it is the eternal and you have a direct access to it.

Again a Christian might not agree all ways point to the truth, a Muslim might not agree, a Buddhist might not agree either, but with respect to the ‘my experience is more valid than yours’ camp, none can bring more evidence of any weight than the other. No religion has monopoly on the truth. I don’t preach beliefs or opinions, I’m only preaching reality.

Not my reality, the cold, hard, objective reality.

Past all the differences there is unity, at the foundation is an experience of God one religion brings which is the same as any other.

My opinions and beliefs count for nothing, all I’m doing is stating the very obvious facts that the reality shows us.

This isn’t about preaching what I believe, it’s about preaching reality, and that’s what I intend to do a whole lot more of.

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