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Why is life with God the ultimate achievement?

The Universe was created, most likely by the Big Bang. Whatever the invisible force that set the Universe in motion was, it kept with us all. It was part of you from the day you were born. It is still within you now.

Wether you know it or not, feel it or not, experience or not – that never changing presence or awareness envelopes all those things. It’s wonderfully subtle. You can’t catch it, describe it, hold it, define it, because all attempts to do so happen within it. As the scriptures rightly attest, God is truly always there and always watching.

What I’m saying is not a belief, it’s a fact. And that presence isn’t yours it is God’s. Something greater than you alone, something that is in all living things and will continue to exist for all of time.

At some point, some of us lose touch with that divine spark inside of us. Some point in childhood or a little later the newness and excitement of the life and the World fades a little. We turn more and more to the World for our sustenance. We begin to create identities, there’s a sense of us and the World and things we can gain from the World through our interactions with it. We can become more and more wound up in ourselves, others, our careers, our reputations, our possessions, our spouses, our families.

Yet, ultimately, if we don’t know God, that means we are living half lives. We lose touch with that force which sparked the Universe, which stayed within us, and is present now. Instead of living for God and enjoying life and the World, an imbalance occurs, we prioritise all that is of the World over God. A life with God just seems like a delusion, something so unimportant.

The issue with that is everything you can gain from the World, is wound up in the World itself.

What do I mean by that?

Dreams, aspirations, desires. Once fulfilled, they give us pleasure. If not fulfilled, we keep hanging onto them, striving, perhaps forever. If we are lucky enough to gain whatever it is we seek, quickly or over time our fulfilment begins to fade. We can begin to look for something more, something different, something new. Thus, real satisfaction from the World is temporary and fading. Everything we struggle to hold on to from the World we can and will lose at some point, including the most precious of our belongings – our life.

There is nothing wrong at all with getting the things you want in life, it’s what we pin on them. What we think they can bring us. What we think we can bring ourselves. What we prioritise over God

All these wrong priorities causes issues. That’s because it’s a fact that The World and all that is in it, is only half the reality. When put under scientific scrutiny, what you think is the truth doesn’t add up. Living without God, is actually an experiential delusion. It cuts off an inherent part of you that life with God brings – a whole and joyful relationship which is the true reality of things.

Nothing in the World can satisfy you as much as a life with God.

God, is always with you. Objectively, that presence within can never leave us, it can only seem to be not there as the World becomes prioritised for a fleeting moment, periods of time, or even for life. The Devil keeps us hanging on to prioritising the World, with a promise of joy that never comes.

If you haven’t reached that point yet of disillusionment, perhaps you need to go on and on until you do. Perhaps you never will reach that point.

Yet I can tell you, as someone who had once never known God, and has had all he wanted from the World, a relationship with God is the greatest thing there is. If there is a purpose to the World, it is divine, to bring you back to God and your real nature and experience a life with God.

Find that ever present within you and you have your first glimpse of God. Prioritise that in your life and you will begin to feel bliss or Holy Spirt in time. You will know God, feel his love, and you will have achieved something that the World can never give you and will likely never understand.

If that time has come for you, then maybe you will see some truth in my words, if not, they will simply be another thing of the World to you, passing, temporary, fading, and lacking any true fulfilment.

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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