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God’s Rules

These aren’t God’s rules according to Barclay Littlewood. Whilst they were revealed to me, they have been revealed to others. They are objective rules of reality, AKA God’s rules. You can see them for yourself by looking at reality, the true nature of things and also from knowing and experiencing God’s love for us. These rules trump personal beliefs about God. They are more important than doing things we believe God wants. Finally, they are of course far more important than simply acting as we wish. I would think the world at large is hundreds of years away from truly understanding these rules and living by them. Yet it is because of these rules that ultimately the world will have peace. These rules are imbued in the physical reality of creation and will stand the test of time, forever. These rules are –

  1. God wants life over death, peace over war, love over hate.
  2. All people are God’s children – whether we act like it or not. We all came from the Universe, the same creation after all.
  3. Your main relationship should be with God for the well being of yourself and the World – however do not rely on yourself or the World for your well being!
  4. Let God be God, you weren’t designed to be in charge of yourself, others, or the World – God is in charge and it’s all running with or without you around.
  5. Choose your path to God and stick to it closely.
  6. Never lower anyone below their real identity of a child of God. The World is a veil over all. For example, don’t lower people to the level of your ideas, judgements, your perceptions about them. Don’t confuse the real identity of a person with your feelings about them or their actions and then mistreat them accordingly. All these things are worldly differentiators and are the Devil’s tools.
  7. Wonderfully and dangerously, God’s love remains for us no matter what our interpretations of him are. All interpretations are worldly, and again the Devil will use their differences as much as he can to override peace and love and cause friction and hatred.
  8. God knows what’s within you, your heart, and will judge and reward you accordingly. Act from your heart to please God, not to please the World, yourself or anyone else.
  9. Difference, the past and worldly pleasure are three of the Devil’s greatest tools. He wants you see others as the Devil or different and trick you into attacking them based on differences only observable in the world. The Devil wants your past to haunt you forever and haunt others with their past, because the past too is attached to the world. The Devil wants to trick you into believing that the world can bring you everlasting satisfaction. How do you know the difference between God and the Devil? Simply – Peace and Hostility, Constructiveness and Destructiveness, Gratitude and Ingratitude, Forgiveness and Grudges, Satisfaction and Desire.
  10. God loves all his children. He doesn’t care what race, what religion, what nationality, what their character is. If you want to be more Godly – you should follow that lesson yourself.
  11. Forgive others for the harm they have done to you and others. Seek God for your own forgiveness. Both these release you from the power of the world and the past.
  12. Do not intentionally attack or cause harm to other people. Never try and harm people mentally, emotionally, or physically. God does not do that to you, so why do you feel entitled to do it to others?
  13. Never debate interpretations of God to others, they are entirely personal, worldly devices only and of no consequence. If someone has found God give thanks for that, whatever way it occurs.
  14. Be patient, respectful, kind, forgiving, take others as they are.
  15. Honour your Mother and Father.
  16. Do not steal or deceive.
  17. Do not coveter worship anything or anyone asides God.
  18. Do not commit sexual sins.
  19. Avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible, do not resort to drink and drugs to resolve emotional issues. If you drink, drink the drink, don’t let it drink you. Don’t drink to get drunk.
  20. Eat natural, real food and avoid refined foods asides for rare treats.
  21. Keep physically active every day.
  22. God will discipline you if you don’t follow his design for you and life. This discipline results in suffering. You will find this suffering in your own experience. Thank God for your blessings as well as your trials and tribulations, for they are blessings too.
  23. God is perfect, as perfect as we can conceive. The creation is not perfect however. God did not want a 3 year old child to get cancer. God did not want anyone to suffer starvation. God did not want thousands to be killed in a natural disaster. These are problems with the creation (for a standpoint of humanity) that we have the power as God’s co-creators to resolve.
  24. Finally, do these each day. Pray. Always offer thanks for whatever you have. Read and discuss God’s word. Worship God. Meditate on God’s love. Forgive those that wrong you and you have wronged. Forget worldly consequences. Do what you do for God, not yourself or others.

Thank you for reading and God Bless

Barclay Littlewood


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