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Divine Energy – What Began The Universe and Can We Find it?

The Big Bang and The Theory of Divine Energy

The Big Bang, using the rules of science, apparently is a phenomenon that just occurred. No one has proved why it occurred, or what made it happen. The reason it happened, is in effect an unknown quantity. A reason, that doesn’t conform to our usual understanding of things, or the rules of science. If there was an ‘X Factor’, a Divine Energy which created the Universe, then that is would fit broadly with what we would call God – an all powerful, all knowing creative force.

Yet there is no direct proof of this Divine Energy as it where. God has not been directly ‘found’ – in the manifest sense. If he had, then there would not be any reason of debate because the existence of God would be an established fact.

There are so many questions that arise about the Universe, our existence. I’ve philosophised, questioned, more than I care to remember. When I read the great scientific minds of our time, like Stephen Hawking, their seemingly deep investigation is a little similar to watching a toddler splash in shallow waters. As they dive deeper, they think they get closer to hidden pearl that is the answer to the Universe. The more they splash the deeper they think they are going. The closer they think they are getting. Yet all they seem to find is more and more water – more questions and more answers. The truth is that is because they haven’t moved an inch, they are merely splashing on the surface of the manifest reality.

What they are looking for, is right under their noses – it’s the source and the very allower of their postulations.

All questions about the Universe, must be confined to the Universe, science and it’s very rules. That is because we ourselves (in a manifest sense at least) are a product of the Universe and subject to it’s rules. However, for that Divine Energy to exist, it must exist beyond the normal rules of science, because something must have come from nothing without cause and effect. That doesn’t fit our rules of science at all. For that ‘X Factor’ to exist, that Divine Energy must somehow exist above, before, higher, in spite of the material Universe and all it’s rules now, then, before and after.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to find the ‘X Factor’ exactly using scientific reasoning because that very reasoning is confined to something that ‘X Factor’ is not. If we try and make the Divine Energy fit the Universe’s rules so to speak, we are trying to push a square peg into a round hole.

Just like the manifest Universe, all reasoning, all knowledge, all logic, is tangible, material, manifest. It can all be seen, grasped, known, because again all material in their nature.

Yet this Divine Energy, this X Factor, seemingly isn’t material in nature as least as we know it. We can’t pin it down. It is ‘invisible’ to us, because it came before the Universe, even though we can arguably see it’s effects – the Universe and the rules it is governed by – we can’t find it directly, so to speak.


Divine Energy Theory – An Answer That Is Non Dependent on the Manifest Universe

The ‘answer’, must in one way, be non-dependent on anything that exists. (By non-dependent I mean it can be thought to be dependent and also independent, and neither and still remain.) That of course is utterly against everything we’ve ever operated by and looked for. It breaks every rule of reality.

To us a real answer is always definite and tangible and truthful. It is evidenced by facts, facts we objectively deduce by reality, a reality that is manifest and comes from the Universe, because that reality is the Universe.

Any real answer we find in science, thus confines itself to the rules of the Universe. But the actual answer, we can reasonably infer does not have to conform to such rules, because it must go beyond the normal rules of the Universe and not be subject to such rules for it to create the Universe itself. We have to change the parameters of our reality in our search. So such an answer could be, truthful, false, neither, both, all of those and none of those and so on and so forth (and not), in a material sense and it wouldn’t matter because it is beyond all those things and not and would still be constant… I shall stop there!

We can look at this way, if the Divine Energy that sparked the Universe existed, and created the Universe, how could we find it when we confine ourselves to the very rules of the Universe that it itself is not subject to? Our investigation is already limited as it looks for what is limitless. We have unwittingly, in our arrogance, ruled ourselves out of the hunt before we have even begun.

The rules of the Universe , if that Divine Energy exists, must be auxiliary to the Divine Energy itself. All they allow us to do is explain the material Universe, what is manifest and also to make inferences about the nature of the Divine Energy, rather like looking at a piece of art can tell us a little about who created it.

The manifest, exists like a thin transparent film over the deep ocean of the un-manifest. From the manifest side of the film – ‘tangible reality’- the film seems to be absolutely all there is. Yet from the side of the ocean ‘intangible reality’- the film is actually very flimsy, arising from and secondary to the un-manifest, which is the far greater reality. This explains accurately the difference of experience between living without Divine Energy – e.g. normal human existence and then living with Divine Energy. The realities flip round. This is also why no religion can be more accurate or more true than any of the others in the absolute sense. All differences and inaccuracies can only be explained in a manifest sense – the thin film over the deep ocean they point to. Meaning the answer and experience all religions and paths point to (if they point to a higher force) is actually exactly the same no matter how different they appear to be. There is an objective truth, behind the manifest thin film of them all.

We simply can’t find the origins of the Universe whilst confining ourselves on that level, because whatever caused the Universe to exist does not operate on that level itself. This why so many of our seemingly brilliant minds today, are merely splashing in the shallow water. They would, and could pick this article to pieces, and point out many inaccuracies – in a manifest sense – and they would still be splashing about in the same shallow water.

The truth would not change because it is simply non-dependent on the manifest.

As we delve into the truth of the material Universe, we splash and splash and we get no closer.

We can only deduce, infer, and guess what that Divine Energy is, even that it exists at all. All knowledge, all reasoning, all logic work on those very same principles of truth, cause and effect and so on that the Universe works on. Yet even at their very best, all these are working at a secondary level which is confined by it’s own limitations because the answer we are looking for does not work on that level and is not confined to those rules at all. Such investigation is far from useless, but the higher purpose of it, is only to show it’s limitations and lead us to a greater answer that goes beyond the mere tool of intellect.


Divine Energy – An Answer ‘Within’?

After years of research and work, I have found it, in a scientific and objective way, and that is demonstrated by my MRI scans further in this post.

Yet I can’t really accurately explain it to you, nor can anyone else.

Even if I try to, I am confined by my very useless terms and interpretations. To you, I am merely a minute part of your world and what I write is an object to you to enjoy whilst you have your morning cup of coffee. My 15,000 hours of work is but 15 seconds of your life.

What ever I say is already manifest, as is your interpretations of what I am writing. In one way, it’s all getting in the way, like a cloak over the truth – like the thin film over the very deep ocean water. Thus what I say is already confined and has disabled itself by the very rules of The Universe that it asks you to look beyond.

We can however find the answer and know it in ourselves, as we are children of that Divine Energy in a very literal sense. That is not a comforting platitude, but a scientific fact – ultimately we came from the creation itself, most likely via the Big Bang. If that Divine Energy set off the Universe, then there is a chance it shares a connection with us as it’s creation.

All these words and your thoughts about them in themselves, are a layer over that Divine Energy. Manifest occurrences which are born from the Divine Energy, but are not it and should not be confused with it.

So if you want to find it, how do you do it?

Well for me, there came a time where I gave up on reading all the experts on the subject. It had become mind spinning – ‘do this, don’t do that, be like that, who is the ‘you’ that cares, look through the I at the root of all thoughts, its inside and outside etc’.

I began to look within.

What is within you that can be labelled, or not, yet remains the same beyond all labels or lack of them? What is the same within you, to which all experiences come and go and remains the same, but is even beyond that definition? What is that is there and not there despite all your thoughts and feelings?

What is it that my descriptions and yours could never accurately point to? What was the same before you heard of it and after you heard of it?

What is the same within me and within you? Is it presence, awareness, consciousness, silence, space? Does it need a name, can be named, is it altered by the name? Does it belong to you, did you ask for it? Do you control it? Does it come and go? Can it disappear? Is it effected by consequences, desires, and wants? Does it change based on it’s content or is it the same no matter what?

If you think I am overcomplicating it, thinking too much, you are dead wrong. It took me a lot of thinking to get here, but it is utterly and brilliantly simple. The complexity in fact is going on in you because you are simply not used to “thinking” in this way. There’s a seemingly very deep tangle of everything manifest which obscures that which I speak of.

You can go away and contemplate what I am saying for 15 years, come back, and give me an answer, and the answer has remained the same from when you were born, after the 15 years contemplation, and after the answer. That is so because it is truly eternal within you. How can I possibly know if you know it, because my knowing would be of course confined to my manifest interpretations.

“Stunning genius”, one may say, or “utter claptrap”, one may utter, yet what is the constant existing in both people despite their answers?

I might say there is nothing to get, I might also say there is everything to get, and whatever it is remains untouched within you, higher than both statements. I can’t debate it with you, because whatever it is remains the same in both debaters as all their debates bubble up from it. I can’t really tell you it is or that, because it’s the same no matter what I say.

You can’t know what I am talking about, because you in fact already “know” it, you likely just haven’t noticed it due to it’s incredible subtleness. I can’t really teach you it, because it’s already there within you and that’s an absolute fact. As we look for it, try and name it, try and find it, we are just chasing our tails because it’s there already as all that movement occurs. It simply cant be grasped or pinpointed like anything in the manifest Universe can.


Divine Energy – So Why Does it ‘Matter’?

So all that said and done, what’s the point? Well, there is no greater peace than what the Divine Energy delivers. You see, at first you find it, and it’s bland, neutral. It’s there, in the background, you find it but so what you think?

That’s a stage when you think you’ve cracked it! That’s the answer you might think – not so – you’ve only found the eternal un-manifest – Divine Energy, which at that time seems more like a space, container, awareness, or presence.

Well Divine Energy has qualities you see, and should we be surprised? Let us take a look around or within ourselves. The complexity to create and sustain relative harmony is stunning.

One of those qualities is to deliver an enhanced level of peace.

Now I don’t know about you, but all I have done in my life has been for pleasure or well being at the time. It may be finding romantic love, helping others with problems, cracking a joke, cooking a meal for a loved one, sexual conquest, getting high or drunk, making money, being liked, seeming smart, a quest for knowledge. It’s all been to help me feel good or help others feel good.

All of these have one thing in common – they are all to do with the manifest Universe, whether for pleasure of myself, others, or pleasure from objects.

And all of them also have something else in common too, they are all absolutely secondary to what that Divine Energy can deliver.

So if there is a point, that is it. A process of moving from a way of living and being, one where one self and the world are seen as the highest reality in all they can bring us, to one where the truth is realised. It is that hidden Divine Energy which is the highest, and that it can bring true harmony in yourself, true satisfaction in yourself, true peace, and the same for others.

That comes in a set time for each of us I think, if it is going to come at all. And it certainly doesn’t come to all nor is it seemingly needed in all. You perhaps have to reach a level of futility with everything else, certainly have a little time on your hands and a spark of curiosity to begin to unlatch yourself from the manifest.

Of course, it’s doesn’t matter how you think of it, what you call it, (and also it can matter and still remains) what matters at the first instance is that you have ‘found’ the unfindable within you – not in my way but in yours. I have thought of it many ways, it’s quite un-important how you think of it, and it can shift often.

Belief is also another way and a short cut to objective identification – because belief by it’s very nature is not anchored in manifest reality, and neither is the Divine Energy. Mythology therefore can be a part of the journey, because again, the un-manifest is totally unaltered by the manifest.

What matters is only what the manifest layers point to – and that is always a higher, peaceful, benevolent and eternal power as billions of people will attest to in their experience of God.

Work on tuning into that eternal ever present which is always effortless there, and that Divine Energy will somehow overtake your “manifest, material self” resulting in significant changes to your neurochemistry, your experience of life, and a Divine Peace, just as all religions attest to.

Just like the Divine Energy that set off the Big Bang is hidden to us, what you are looking for is also hidden within you. Find it, tune into it, worship it, and you shall find the answer and divinity within yourself.


Divine Energy – Can We Say What It Wants?

I think objectively we can say what Divine Energy wants.

I don’t think it really cares if we eat pork for example, but if we think it cares, then paradoxically that will enhance our relationship with that Divine Energy because we are putting it above the Manifest Universe (ourselves, the world) in dedication. I also don’t think it cares how we get to it either, what path we take – man cares but it does not.

We can objectively see what it wants form looking at it’s creation – us and the Universe.

If it can be known and found then it wants to be known and found, that is for sure.

If I feel greater peace when connected to it, then connecting to it is what it wants as well.

It doesn’t want me to place the World over it, in other words, it doesn’t want me to care for the World more than it. I’ve done that many times and it’s ended in disaster. I guess that’s a little like going to a restaurant of a top chef, loving his food and then spitting in his face on the way out.

It doesn’t want me to rely on the World for my well being, or my identity, or what’s going on in my life. After all, it is not effected one bit by the World. It does however want me to exhibit a general care for the Universe, not to harm others, or cause conflict – you could roughly say that’s where karma comes about.

It’s a 50 – 50 relationship, but it is not in aping in anyway. It can always fulfil it’s duty, it doesn’t copy our ways, but waits for us to fulfil our side of the relationship. It shows us consequences of our actions, only out of love and reformation, never out of hate. Sometimes these are painful.

It doesn’t want me to play God, which is why our knowledge is limited. It has the answers not me. It doesn’t want me to worry about the World, or try and control it – it is in control.

It doesn’t want me to live for my own pleasure, however I do it, that’s where striving, desire, never being fulfilled come in.

It seems it wants us to be like it, because it has set rules in this Universe by which things operate. From these rules can we say what Divine Energy is like? It is freedom and chaos, with order, rules and consequences. It won’t force it’s way on us, we have to find it for ourselves, live as we think best, and then see what happens. Then when we find our answer, it’s genuine, sincere at the right time. We are utterly ready to submit to it, to worship it, because well, we’ve exhausted all other ways.

It has wondrous qualities of love – it is above hate, arrogance, anger, discrimination, ignorance, insincerity, greed, pride, evil and it loves them all, as we should, but it is none of them, nor should we be.

It wants to humble us, to see we are only part of the puzzle. To see all religions, all races, people of all social statuses are equal, which in an absolute sense we all are. Not to care whether people agree or not with our seemingly so important way. To forgive others, as it forgives us. To let people have their journey as we have ours.

It wants me to tell other people about it, so they can find it.

All these things make the Universe better, and by looking at the Universe, that is what the Divine Energy has always wanted.

Yet it seems that there is something in opposition to it, and that we shall discuss in the next post.

Divine Energy – And Finally – Work Over Knowledge

As we are dealing with energy here, the search for knowledge and finding your answer, however you describe it is only the very first stage. Then it’s a matter of living with that truth, and seeing the Divine Energy as it overtakes you. Prayer, meditation, and basically living in communion with it. You should try and mirror it’s rules. Of course wether you do this or not simply doesn’t matter to me, if it matters at all, it should only matter to you, and beyond that, it matters to something far greater than that.

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