Barclay Littlewood

An Insight Into My Life

Dealing With The Darkness

There are two overriding forces in this world, the light and the dark.

How do we deal with the darkness both within and outside us?

Love, support, peace, patience, forgiveness. But as human beings are are flawed in these characteristics. Therefore we must come closer to God to let him exhibit these things through us.

Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, worship, the reading of Holy Texts will help achieve this. The gross senses and our sense of self are flawed, rely on them at your peril, rely on God and God alone.

There is a wonderful balance to the world. The dark is there for the light to exist. The dark outside of us should be embraced as the light, it is then, also light, because your light shines and the darkness disappears.

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