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Dealing with adversity

Adversity, and the distress it causes are their own type of energy. They make us suffer. Whether we have done wrong, and suffer guilt, or someone has hurt us and we suffer pain, it’s hard.

So how do we best go about dealing with adversity?

Well whatever life throws at you, you are alive, and at the base of that life, your life, at it’s foundation, there is a subtle something. Something that is there through all hurt, all upset, all distress. Something that stays exactly the same and is unmoved.

That intangible, eternal, un-manifest within, is always there. Simply find it and keep with it, always. Love those feelings of hurt and upset you are feeling, because they will pass and you shall come out better and stronger.

Suffering is the birth of all healing, and all healing leaves you better than before.

At first keeping with the eternal may take so much practice, because the by-products of the un-manifest and ever present – such as our thoughts, emotions, experience seem greater than it. Indeed, in reality, they can seem to be. Yet over the long term they will be shown to be secondary, if you keep with that presence that is always there. That is God. A constant that never leaves. It will heal you by changing the very fabric of your existence.

Pray to it, worship it, unite with it, for without it you would not exist nor be alive.

Within this eternal within, is the capability to deliver all the peace you’ve sought form the world, and to overcome all the issues the world can possibly cause and throw at you.

Thanks and good luck in dealing with adversity.

God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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