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An Insight Into My Life

Barclay Littlewood's Findings in 5 Minutes


  • God must be experienced for one’s self to be known, once experienced the effects on the brain can be see through MRI imagining.
  • God can be found with or without belief.
  • God can be found through factual accuracy or without factual accuracy.
  • God’s existence is hidden to us by our own experience of the World, in essence absorption in ourselves, our experience, our senses.
  • The ideas about God are many, some may be true other’s not, but the accuracy of these ideas does not change the absolute fact of God’s existence.
  • The effects of God are many. God can bring the deepest love, true fulfilment, personal peace, healing, self awareness and better interactions with the world to name but a few.

God’s Love is a real experience and can be experienced here on earth…


  • Whilst science has cast serious doubt on some of the explanations of religious texts, there is absolutely nothing in science that denies the existence of a higher power, namely that which we call God.
  • Science has revealed that the experience of God, and processes such as mediation and praying, are all observable in their effects upon us. Yes, those that say they experience God’s love aren’t lying – there is a a scientifically observable process going on within them.
  • The experience of God’s love, AKA Holy Spirit, or Bliss, is real. It is as real as anything else you can experience on earth. God’s love is as real as experiences such as love, joy, hate, stress, anxiety, doubt and fear. God’s love, is however not a normal or usual human emotion.
  • God’s love is not saved for a later date – it can be experienced here on earth whilst you are alive.
  • There is a process to finding God. This process takes many, many guises. This process is not dependent on our interpretations. Whilst our interpretations of how we come to God often vary widely in appearance and are often not scientific, the underlying process behind them is always scientific and very similar. Don’t be surprised of find that there is a science and a process to finding God. After all, take a look at the Universe, God must be the greatest scientist there ever was.
  • There is a deceptive, angry, arrogant force. It too is accusatory, aggressive, selfish, proud. It is an unforgiving, hateful, hostile, cynical and dividing power. It sees things only from it’s own very limited viewpoint. It masquerades as knowledge, truth, even love. This force is ancillary and parasitical to this greater power we call God. The power, which is in the lower nature of human beings and many call the Devil, is obvious in it’s fruits. (Re-read the last list of words.) That destructive force is hidden in many people, and it does not want you to discover it exists or that God exists. The Devil always uses worldly things, (e.g. anything from the material world) to create disharmony and deception to hide God’s existence.
  • A crucial step is confessing to God the error of your ways in a simple prayer. To ask for his forgiveness as you have tried to live without him. Your arrogance, your denial, your harm of others, your idolisation of yourself and your life may have been fun but if you search for the ultimate peace, you will agree they have failed to deliver.
  • We are simply not created to live easily without God. We, our brains and minds, are ultimately all flawed. Yet God is waiting, ready to forgive and make you continuously born again in his love.
  • If you don’t experience God’s love it’s time to tear down those barriers. Don’t believe in all of the stories of the Bible, so what? Are you scientifically minded, so what? Do you believe in the Big Bang and evolution, so what? Do you think the world is too cruel to have a God, so what? Do you not agree with most peoples ideas of God, so what? There are just imagined barriers. You can experience God’s love whatever your answer to these questions.
  • Ultimately if you believe the Universe wasn’t created, you have a belief. If I gave you a cake and told you it was’t made, but appeared out of thin air, you’d tell me I was crazy. Baking a cake is pretty hard, even for us as advanced human beings using just a few ingredients! Now look at the Universe. Do you believe it just occurred by luck? Then you are equally as crazy for telling me this Universe with all its intricacies wasn’t created as I am for telling you a cake just materialised.
  • No one has ever found what caused the Big Bang. What caused the Big Bang is unseen and invisible – just like God. Like God however the effects of the Big Bang are of course evidenced by material phenomenon – e.g the existence of the Universe, the changes to the brain created by a relationship with God.
  • Everything within the Universe has a purpose. Everything within the Universe is ‘born’ one way or another. Why then would the Universe not be ‘born’ and have a purpose too?
  • The cruelty we see in nature is a drive to survive and stay alive. It’s a necessary evil. The parasite that blinds a child is just trying to survive, just as you drive to the store and kill 1000 insects on your journey, perhaps to eat animals that have died to keep you alive. Cruelty is certainly something that must be seen from a certain standpoint, from the chicken’s standpoint it’s cruel they died to keep you alive, from your standpoint, perhaps not.
  • Viruses, diseases, cancers, again are issues with the perfection and complexity of creation, which is far from perfect from a human stand point, Such situations are in no way however proof or disproof of a creator, simply proof that what was created is not absolutely perfect.
  • I’ve messed with my personal and subjective reality and my mind more than I care to remember. Your reality is a lot less solid and truthful than you think. Don’t confuse your personal reality, with the potential reality. If you don’t believe in God or experience God, then you must believe in or experience something else. Do you believe in happiness or pleasure? Do you believe in your self? Do you believe in karma? Do you believe in love? Do you believe in monetary and material satisfaction? There’s nothing wrong with any of these things – unless you believe in them above or instead of God – then ultimately they will bring you a life that doesn’t allow it’s full potential and needless amounts of suffering and unfulfillment.
  • Ultimately people either experience God’s love or don’t. Yet no one that has experienced God’s love will ever deny it or willingly revert to not experiencing it. That means that there is an available process here – not knowing God to knowing God – moving from being without God’s love to being with God’s love. Moving from living by your rules, to living by his rules. Think of it like this – did you know what romantic love was until you experienced it for yourself? Did you deny love existed? No – you simply hadn’t experienced romantic love. It’s the same with God’s love – why deny something that so many people experience and can tell you is real?

God’s Love… The Door is Wide Open…But The Righteous Way is Narrow


  • God doesn’t go anywhere, only we do. He allows our ignorance, it has been created or just is, so we can find him again. The reason you don’t experience God is down to a few factors. Lack of knowledge, lack of practice, a perceived lack of proof, your journey in the process, and what you idolise above him.
  • Whatever you idolise will keep you from God. You may idolise yourself, your own mind, your own intellect, your knowledge, your experience, your reality. You may idolise your past, your personal rules, others, others feelings about you. Perhaps you idolise your romantic love, sex, money, alcohol, drugs, gambling. Or you may idolise consequences of your actions, material possessions, fame, success, or many of the things I’ve mentioned. If you idolise anything at all that means God is not first in your life you will suffer more here on earth than you need to, and miss out on something magical which we all have the ability to experience.
  • You will never be fully fulfilled unless you worship the Creator above the Creation. If you haven’t done that yet, in your heart, you must ask yourself, do I really have peace?
  • All religions, whist seemingly contradictory, point to the same core truths. In my experience, a religion is often desirable over the loose and disorganised field of New Age spirituality. Religions are clearer and contain more definite rules. They offer a more direct path. If you choose a religion however, don’t fall prey to ‘religionism’ – idolising your religion and viewing and treating people differently because of their religion.
  • Religion is not the cause of all wars, it is people’s intolerance of other’s Religion that is to blame for such wars.
  • All religions worship the same God, their truths are not mutually exclusive. If a person can experience God as a Christian and another experience God as a Muslim and yet another experience God as a Hindu – how can any of those religions be wrong at their very core? Their truths are relative. Religions are simply different ways to God.
  • In that way, no matter how it seems to you, the factual reality is that there is only one religion – God. Of course, some people believe something different, but look at the factual reality over their personal reality. I am not saying the Devil is in anyone that tells you their religion is the only way, far from it, only God truly knows where the Devil is. But the Devil works on pride. He wants you to think Christians are worshipping the Devil or Muslims are worshipping the Devil or non believers are the Devil rather than all God’s children. The Devil wants you to think in terms of “us” and “them”, even that different sects of your own religion are wrong. The Devil wants you to think that I am the Devil and my words are false. The Devil wants you to focus on him and not God. The Devil never wants you to see him in yourself. That way he can go undetected. The net result – people attack each other, destroying them and themselves in the process. Remember the Devil is divisive not inclusive. The Devil wants you to think you and your way is right and put it above peace and love for others.

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