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Ambivalence, Apathy, Light Heartedness & Indifference

Ambivalence, Apathy, Light Heartedness, and Indifference are not words you’d usually see in any piece of spiritual advice.

For me though, I’m learning day by day not to be concerned by the ways, manners, views and philosophies of others.

Now let’s be clear. I’m not ambivalent or indifferent to things such as discourtesy, racism, religionism, aggressiveness, hostility and dishonesty in myself – far from it – but I’m becoming more ambivalent, care free, and indifferent to it in others when displayed towards me and mine.

You see that way, the fire ends in me. I’m able to be above and beyond such occurrences, and be better for it. I give them the freedom to be exactly as they like – I’ll concentrate on being me and doing what I know is right, and you can be you, thanks very much.

It’s back to what I’ve mentioned before, often the things outside of us aren’t as bad as our reaction to them – which is often on the same level or worse.

For example the Church I attend indulges itself in regular bouts of religionism. I am learning to take it with pinch of salt, the Pastor believes that ‘Christianity is the only way’ is right in the eyes of God, as much as do I with my words – “There are many different roads lead to the same place.”

Is God more or less in either one of us? I don’t think so. His words send shudders of discomfort through me. They ostracise, divide and discount billions of people’s experiences. For if a non Christian is not worshipping God – what are they worshipping? I can only imagine what a God fearing Muslim or Hindu would think of such words.

The trouble is God’s loves me and the Pastor both as much with our conflicting views. To me the lesson is clear – live and let live – religionism really doesn’t matter – unless we make it into yet another barrier between us and our fellow human beings.

This world is God’s Church, and those that promote religionism are loved by him as much as those that don’t, the reality of that, is clear.

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