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Some words of wisdom about others and their treatment of your self

Words of wisdom

Let’s begin with some stunning words of wisdom that sum this page up.

“Conquer yourself and the world lies at your feet.” – St. Augustine.

What’s the reality? A lot of the time… it’s hard, I don’t think people always see the objective reality about someone and their interactions with them. They may confuse how that interaction makes them feel and their subjective judgments about that person. They too may struggle with themselves, and how they feel about themselves.

So what is true? And what is false?

Well, if you want better relationships with the world, you have to start with yourself. Your relationship with yourself, reflects outwards.

Here’s some words of wisdom from my experience that apply to every last one of us –

Each one of us displays our relationship with ourselves by how we interact with the world. It is always a display. It is never personal – as much as someone may try to make it seem like it is!

A person that truly loves others, truly loves themselves.

A person that has achieved greatness, will tell you, that you can achieve greatness too.

A person that abuses others, is abusive to themselves, often because they have suffered abuse.

A person that tries to prove their worth to you, is still trying to prove their worth to themselves.

A person that tries to compete with you, hasn’t realised the real competition is within.

A person overly obsessed with material, is still trying to feel love for themselves.

A person that tries to deceive you, is still learning to be honest to themselves.

A person that abuses you hospitality, has still not learned to be hospitable to themselves.

A person that tries to bully or harass you, is just as unpleasant to themselves.

A person that withholds or awards love based on perceived social standing or ability, does the same to themselves.

A person that is sure about their future, is sure about themselves.

A person that is stable within, is stable in all situations.

A person that is conformable in the moment, is comfortable with themselves.

A person that is overly bothered by others opinions about them, is still unsure of who they really are.

A person who is overly bothered by other peoples treatment of them, has still not learned to treat themselves well enough.

A person that uses you for their own means, has not yet realised that their quest for self fulfilment is ultimately futile.

A person that craves acceptance from others, is yet to genuinely accept themselves.

A person that cares too much about benefiting from specific results, rewards and consequences of their actions, fails to see the reward is more often inside doing the action itself.

A person who craves stability on the outside, has failed to find stability within.

A person that is always critical of you, is just as critical of themselves.

A person that scorns you often, scorns themselves just as much within.

People can only love you, as much as they feel love for themselves.

A person who withholds love based on race or religion, loves themselves more, because of their race or religion.

A person who loves you more or less based on your views matching theirs, has learned to love themselves more based on their views being ‘right’.

A person who cannot take constructive criticism, is often trying hard to be perfect in order to be loved.

A person who cannot let the problems of your past go, still beats themselves up over their own past.

A person who shows warmth to others, is warm to themselves.

A person who is cold towards you, is usually cold towards themselves.

A person that blames you for their suffering, fails to see the cure for their suffering lies within.

A person that says something complimentary to you, is in the habit of being complimentary to themselves.

A person that encourages you, has learned the power of self-encouragment.

A person that has not forgiven you, has not forgiven themselves.

A person that doesn’t respect kindness, doesn’t give much kindness to themselves.

A person that tries to be violent towards you, has suffered as a victim of violence themselves.

A person who criticises your intellect, is often not secure in their own intellect.

A person who tries to show you how smart they are, is often not so sure of their own smartness.

A person that tries to hurt you with their words, is always hurt within.

A person who puts you down a lot, often puts themselves down a lot too.

A person who builds you up and gives you confidence, shows you how they treat themselves.

Remember too – where there seems little, there is often a lot, where there seems a lot, there is often little.

For example, all people that have achieved material success or fame, will tell you that it holds far less happiness in itself than they often believed, and others still believe. Likewise some of the poorest people, are the richest within.

Few people see the true reality of this world.

In a nutshell, all people can achieve greatness in any endeavour, should they find their passion – then focus on learning, practicing, growing and evolving for many years and surrounding themselves with the right people to help them grow and succeed. Remember everyone started off as a beginner, as a novice, knowing nothing about what they now master! Becoming a genius in anything, is really a process – a long one. There is no place for todays all too popular instant gratification mindset there.

The people you may see as great, are in reality, blessed with the very same tools you are, all that separates anyone, is how they used them!

In the same way, almost all people are blessed with the faculty to experience God within. That is scientifically proven – worship, meditation, prayer, all have the same effects on the brain (e.g. who you are) in all people to produce the feelings of peace. They are the physiological processes by which your brain changes through specific ‘exercises.’ The more you do them, the better you get at them, the more you benefit.

If you want to experience heaven on earth, do those exercises, otherwise, you will end up using the faculty for the worship of something else that will not provide true spiritual fulfilment.

And what we say about God, our experiences? Well, having an experience of God takes work, it is a little like using a treadmill to be fit, I can believe anything about the treadmill, it may seem bizarre and odd to everyone else, but, the treadmill still works the same. It’s the same treadmill everyone else uses (or doesn’t use), no matter what I believe about it, the name I call it, the instructions I use to work it – it does the exact same thing.

Thanks for reading these words of wisdom, and to finish,

“Put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness”. Ephesians 4:22-24

God Bless


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