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If there is a God, why doesn’t God stop war?

Why doesn’t God stop war? This is a big barrier to coming to God for many people.

Most people who have a relationship with God would answer you by saying God doesn’t stop war because he could do but he hasn’t yet. “All in God’s time”, they might say or “There are somethings we aren’t ever going to know”. They think God could stop war, like he is a figure in the sky that could just click his fingers. That’s a personal belief about God and we haven’t seen any evidence for it unless you believe the Bible and God murdering thousands of people based on their ethnicity. I don’t buy it all. Of course that’s fine if it’s what you believe, but it’s not sufficient for most doubters.

If we hold the belief that God could stop war instantly in that way up to the factual reality today, we can see it just isn’t true.

What’s actually going on is that God has stopped war, but in a far more subtle way. He has created a Universe, most likely via the Big Bang that is subject to very definite rules of reality that makes war an option that has worse consequences for all involved than peace. These rules as human race we either forget, ignore, try and abuse or can’t apply.

These rules mean the truth is we either learn to live with each other or we will destroy ourselves. That is how God has ultimately stopped war and will stop war.

History has shown us the same to be true. War is about Wordly gain – power, money, resources, religion. Yet no one really gains anything from war, but Worldly things, and Worldy things are nothing compared to the love of God.

Of course history shows experiencing God won’t stop wars either, it isn’t just about experiencing the love of God, one can still have that love and abuse God’s rules too and go to war. It’s about mimicking God’s love for us without how we act, and looking at the solid rules of his construction. Seeing why war can never work is about gaining a deep understanding of his rules of reality.

Specifically on a larger marco level those in power need to understand –

  • No one group or faction can or ever will be omnipresent. Trying to create such a landscape will lead to mutual destruction.
  • All people have a right to live in peace.
  • Remember despite appearances and apparent differences that all of us are God’s children – all are one and part of a unified whole whether others know it or not – anything else is delusion.
  • Therefore the well being of the whole depends on the well being of each of the component parts.
  • Anyone therefore under the misapprehension that anyone else is a true enemy is under a delusion.
  • The majority, knowing this, should defend peace and unity at all times.
  • Therefore never attack but always defend as much as needed without counter attack and do so with full conviction that your enemy is your brother whether he knows it or not, and their well being is ultimately your well being.
  • Trying to destroy a component part is like cutting off your own legs to cure a broken bone and expecting to be healed. Allowing yourself to be destroyed is no different.
  • When you destroy others, therefore you are destroying something the same as yourself both at the time and likely yourself and others later due to retaliation.
  • Understand the Devil is the real enemy – not each other – and no one else is the Devil, yet the Devil exists within us all and corrupts us all to turn us against each other, only God can defeat him.
  • The Devil want us all to priotise the World and difference above peace and unity.
  • The enemy therefore is not outside and is not others, but within us all.
  • Forgive others their pasts and the pasts of those associated with them, that is the only way to heal the power of the past, one of the Devil’s main tools.
  • Do not seek to subjugate other nations and peoples to your power and will.
  • Do not lie to your own populace and try to justify wars in the name of democracy and truth, when they are always about money and power. Instead educate them about the true nature of things.

Therefore we can see God has stopped war.

Now it’s just a matter of time that humanity realises the rules of the game as it were and plays by them, rather than their own rules.

As people we all have a job to do and that is not support those that support war in the name of money, power, resources and religion, but elect those that understand the rules of reality and the oneness of mankind.

Thanks for reading and yours in peace

Barlcay Littlewood

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