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What does it feel like to experience God?

I experience God.

Several people wrongly think I have ‘belief” in God, I actually have no such thing.

Indeed, my ability to connect to, to experience what many call God, is actually in terms of rationality, the most rationally explained thing there is.

That’s not to say you’ll get it, or find it interesting however!

Our brains, bodies, for some reason, have over a great deal of time, evolved to allow us to connect to the source of us, of all creation. If this interests you, and you seek proof, I suggest you research the topic of Neurotheology.

Connecting to that higher power is nourishing. Revitalising. Life changing. It is, incredible, indescribable grace. When you experience the power of it, you will see why so many people have had no problem laying down their lives for God or their religious interoperation of God. Or sadly in other cases, even taking the lives of others to please God.

Yet the overreaching power of God is love. Love really is the answer. Think about it, how often do you throw a little love into a situation that’s challenging with others? It’s not easy to do, it’s far easier or intuitive to copy how people are to you. It may or may not ‘work’ but I’d argue the giving it, was all you needed to do. Anyway, I digress.

Reading these words is not connecting. Trying to understand me is not connecting. Arguing and postulating about these words, or religious difference is not connecting. Reading positive books is not connecting. Learning about the ego or personal development is not connecting.

Intellectual questioning and debate is not connecting.

All those are just different ways to use the brain, to experience something. If you want to experience debate, then debate. If you want to doubt, doubt. If you want to experience ridicule, ridicule. If you want to experience a search, then search. If you want to experience arguments, then argue.

Connecting is connecting. Worship is worship. Praise is praise. Meditation is meditation. Read about the many religious and spiritual paths, and you will see they all contain these tenements, as well as many good rules to live your life by.

You need to learn these ways to make them work – they are ways to use your brain, your heart, your gut, the very fabric of your being.

There needn’t be anything unusual or supernatural about your beliefs, or there indeed may be. People might laugh at them, or perhaps find them exceptionally mundane, yet beliefs, ultimately, are a delightful variety. And the reality shows us, in all their guises, they are very much separate, a pre-cursor to the experience they lead to.

God is our protector, he loves us, come to him with sincerity, seek to please him above all else. Develop a personal relationship with him, and you shall see too, and what a blessing it is!

Thanks & God Bless


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