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Transcending The Holy Texts

It’s a fact that had any of the Holy Books been written today, in today’s world, they’d be different.

That’s why so many people find religion and the world we live in so hard to reconcile.

Sadly they throw the baby out with the bath water – and lose out on experiencing God.

Let me be clear, a relationship with God is the greatest thing any human being can experience. Yet there needs to be a certain amount of scrutinising the Holy Texts, then transcending the Holy Texts where they are inaccurate.

There are simply inaccuracies in all the Holy Texts. I mean that with all respect to followers of all religions. I am not saying that they are inaccurate in bringing you to God, I’m saying that some of the versus within them aren’t entirely true, they don’t follow God’s design for the Universe nor his love for us, nor are they beneficial to live your life by.

Specifically –

  • Anything that promotes hatred between different races or religions should be ignored.
  • Anything that promotes warfare in the name of God should be ignored.
  • Anything that promotes harm or aggression towards another human being should be ignored.
  • Anything that would have you believe God likes to kill people should be ignored.
  • Anything that promotes the religion as being the only way to God should be ignored.

It really doesn’t matter that you believe such verses to be true, look around you.

If there was only one way to God – why have so many come to God in different ways?

Our world is his church. Our church is not his world.

If we are all God’s children why would he want you to hate or be violent to any of the other children?

Be happy you have found God and focus on your own path to him, there’s no need to be overly concerned with the path others follow or the apparent differences, these are Worldy things which are totally inconsequential to God.

God should come before your religion – always.

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