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The Great Invisible

The Great Invisible

The Great Invisible, this is the un-manifest. That intangible, something or nothing, call it God or whatever you like, that spiritual masters have talked about for thousands of years.

How do you ‘find God’? What I notice from any people who are under the belief there is no such force is that they themselves define God in very tangible and inaccurate terms which they then deceive themselves with. They use evidence to fit around what they think true, rather than looking at the evidence objectively to decide what is true.

‘God is a mythical figure people need to believe in to feel better about their life.’

Wrong, God can be found without belief, and as ‘a force’ it actively changes one’s neurochemistry so they do feel better.

‘God is just something invented to keep control of people.’

Wrong, God if found by yourself, you will hand over control to, you will live for, because the living love from that force is incredible.

‘God is something to delay gratification in this life for.’

Wrong, that force can give you the greatest gratification, in this life.

‘Science has shown God doesn’t exist.’

Wrong, science has shown some religious interpretations are inaccurate. Science is now showing the mechanisms at work in prayer and meditation that bring the holy peace religions have spoken of for years. Either the Universe set itself off, or the Great Invisible set if off, and continues to be behind it’s very scientific and explainable workings today.


How Can I Find God?

You can look at the outside for some evidence of a designing, in control force, the startling accuracy and detail of the Universe and life for example. The wonderful interrelationship of everything, how everything follows set processes and rules. The wonder of evolution. Doing that will encourage you to look a little deeper.

Yet you can’t find the Great Invisible directly, you can only infer it’s existence by looking at the visible, the manifest.

To really know God, you go within and work by a process of subtraction to identify that ‘force’ which has been scientifically proven through prayer and meditation brings you divine peace.

I can tell you it’s all sort of things, do this, do that, think of this way etc. and it still remains. I could write 1000 books about it and it would remain absolutely untouched. It’s within all living things.

Finding it, it’s not about living in the moment or living in the now although it’s always there wether you do that or not. It’s not about losing your ego. It’s not about working hard to be a better person. It’s not about losing body consciousness or sense of self. It’s not about loving or liking everyone. It’s not about being humble. It’s not about being deep or being simple. Do or all that or don’t and what’s still there and never altered?

Clear away all the content of your experience of life, anything you can describe, feel, know, do and what’s left? It’s a very subtle something, or nothing.

That is what is objectively God’s presence. It is above, beyond all matter, all manifest. Not in some abstract sense, it actually is in reality. It exists there, as much as we try and define it, find it, still there.

It runs simultaneously within us all, along with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, judgments knowledge, and so on. For most people it lives so far in the background of these they have no clue it’s even there. They are far too wrapped up in all that content to see what’s under their very noses, it’s wonderfully subtle.

Simply when all is said and done, it comes down to this – that ‘force’ God is within all. There are only two types of people then, those that understand this, are tuned into it, experience it and benefit from it (through thousands of seemingly different paths) and other’s that don’t. And there’s no real difference at the base level between either, because both still have it within them. To question God’s existence, one must be sustained by that intangible force itself.

At first, what I’m saying about how to find it, won’t make any sense to you. It will seem like an opinion or an idea. That’s because most people live entirely in the content of their experience without noticing what’s within and always there in-spite of that content. They work on opinions, ideas, manifest facts as opposed to total facts. They might work a lot on that content, to be nicer, kinder, smarter, whatever, but they miss the force that is going to change them more than anything else – the ever present and eternal within.

And that force, the Great Invisible, as I have scientifically proven, brings your more peace and joy than anything else can in this world because unlike the world, and anything manifest, which is always temporary, it is eternal.

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