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Why no religion is the ultimate truth… and also is

Why no religion is the ultimate truth

At first glimpse, it would seem that I am saying that your religion or any religion cannot be correct. This is not so. On the contrary, all religions are correct. This can be so, even though on the face of it they seem to consist of wildly varying interpretations, factual inaccuracies and aspects which make no sense in terms of the manifest world.

I’ve already covered the theory of Divine Energy and there I discussed how the ‘force’ or ‘energy’ many people call God is actually un-manifest and invisible at it’s base level. It’s non-dependent on the manifest world.

Divine Energy, whilst it’s effects can be experienced, and its presence known, does not conform to the usual rules that govern the manifest Universe. This is why Divine Energy itself can never be ‘pinned down’ in a traditional scientific sense. This is what leading scientists have being trying to do for a long time. They confine themselves to the rules of the manifest, looking for the un-manifest – something which is not confined to such rules at all.

Finding the Divine Energy in this way is just like a never ending game of trying to pin a tail on the ‘right donkey’. The Divine Force is what allows the donkey to be there, and ‘the pinner’ to be and exist and the whole search and action of the pinning to occur. It exists beyond the rules, and physical reality of the whole game, the whole search.

The Divine Energy remains the same despite all attempts to find it and pin it down as being this or that in a manifest sense.

Thus there is no way that science, will ever be able to locate the Divine Energy – perhaps except by the process of subtraction from what is manifest.

All manifest descriptions of God from all religions, including my descriptions, point to the exact same truth – there in a divine, loving power higher than us. They can only be described as different through reference to the manifest world – which is the very thing that all religions point correctly to the very secondary nature of. They all use the manifest world as a stepping stone to God, which is exactly what the world is – a cloak over the truth of the eternal invisible, Divine.

When we flip this truth over, and treat the manifest world as primary to the un-manifest – e.g. The Divine Energy or God become secondary to the manifest layer ‘over the top of it’ – what we say, think or feel about it, that is when as a human race we begin to get into trouble.

Suddenly it becomes about us, our way, our interpretations, and how they are better than, holier than, or more in favour with God than those of others. No matter what we say or do, we must refer to the manifest world to bolster our points. We can be led to believe even that others and their ways are that of the Devil. Communities and families can begin to separate, friendships are lost, marriages can crumble and incredibly cruel acts can be undertaken all in the name of God.

Whether your truth agrees with mine or not, is irrelevant, because ultimately not one path to God can be truer than any another. If you disagree, I respectfully disagree for the reasons stated and am happy to place all that in second place which is exactly where it in reality is.

As such my interpretation cannot be truer than yours for pointing this out – it is absolutely impossible for it to be so – because all differences exist on a manifest level only. I am careful not to buy into the self perceived rightness of my way too much, because it’s actually quite irrelevant.

In this way, all religions are the ultimate truth, and none of them are, all at the exact same time. This statement is something which makes no sense at all and is quite unsatisfactory based on the rules of the manifest Universe.

How can something be true, and not true at the same time? How can two opposing truths both be right and both be wrong – different and the same? Such seemingly nonsense is however all perfectly acceptable on the level of the un-manifest Divine Energy and the entirely different rules it operates on from the manifest.

The truth is what all the manifest interpretations point to, and that truth, God, is higher than them all, including mine.

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