Barclay Littlewood

An Insight Into My Life

All in God’’s time. You know best – your experience is more powerful than my words.

I’d encourage you to live a life for yourself. Do exactly what you want. Live for your own happiness. Live for others happiness. Live by your own rules. Live for gaining all the things of the World that are seemingly so important. Gorge yourself on your own satisfaction, and happiness. Write a list as long as your arm of all the things you want from the World that will make life perfect.

Keep going and going.

Then once you’ve pleased yourself, and gained all you ever wanted, or lived a life entirely for others, then come back to these words.

Nothing in this World is a great as a relationship with God.

Forget my or anyone else’s spiritual advice. Living your life is far more an important teacher. It maybe one year or ten years, until you are ready to admit that the World is nothing compared to God, then you will be ready. It all happens in God’s time, not mine, or even yours.

Yet what do we mean by in God’s time? Each has to find their way along reality, find out what is true and what is false. That’s far more powerful than what I or anyone else tells you to be true or false.

All that is seemingly wonderful and all that is seemingly terrible, is slowly pushing us along to find God and it’s all in God’s time.

These words cannot speak as loud as your heart. They have to come to you at the right time, and even then, they are only a guide for you.

Live as I described and you’ll still feel like something is wrong, not quite right, and your friends won’t be able to believe it. From the wonderful life you’ve created they’d think you’d be the happiest person alive. But you don’t feel as good as you expected.

And why? Because you’ve lived a half reality. You’ve lived only for the World, and not for God. (By that I mean you’ve lived for anything in the manifest World, anything we can speak about, identify, feel or touch. ) You’ve made a God of yourself, others or the material world.

When the Universe was created, the force that created it, stayed attached to us. It’s a natural bond in the same way that occurs between any parent and child. When we fail to recognise that inner force of God and feel God’s love, we can never, ever achieve more than half of what we ought to, because we are living as half of ourselves. We aren’t living as we were really designed to. We were living in a way we thought was best, what we had been told was best, in a way that ignores the fundamental nature of our existence.

The World, is simply second fiddle to God and always will be. The painting can never be more talented than the painter, the house can never be more intricate than the architect, the garment never more inspired than the designer. It just takes you to enjoy and then suffer from your misapprehension that the reverse is true, and all that happens in God’s time.

What you’ve always worshipped, is simply the handy work of an amazing force. Now rather than worship what he made, perhaps it’s time to worship the maker.

When that time comes and you’ve had enough, that you want to find God and at last feel real fulfilment, simply begin by praying this prayer with sincerity.

“Dear Lord, please forgive me. I’ve been foolish and lived for myself for so long. I only want you, and to be loved by you. Please forgive my sins, I promise to live as you want me to live. I am yours forever. Amen.”

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