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I don’t believe in God. Answering Someone Who Doesn’t Believe in God

Point 1 – I don’t believe in God!

Okay not a problem. You don’t have to believe in order to experience God’s love.

Belief implies that you have to believe in something that isn’t real, provable, or shown by evidence. Belief implies you have to believe something else someone tells you to be true.

Many modern day people equate a belief in God to a bit like a belief in Santa Claus.

Many claim you have to believe in God in order to find him. That’s not entirely true. There are other ways that are not common knowledge by a long way. Belief has been used as a word for what we don’t understand for a long time. Belief is a short cut, (so perhaps the smarter way), but it’s not the only way.

You can objectively find God. Here’s how.

Wether you have a belief or no belief, what stays the same within you? Tough question hey? Are you confused? Do you understand what I am tying to say? How do you feel about it?

Well forget all that – (or even don’t forget it) – something has still stayed the same. Something remains unmanifest, eternal, exactly the same.

Is it a presence? Is it the moment? Is it a force? Is it awareness? Is it silence?

All these are manifest, material terms of the World.

Give it a name or don’t. It remains whatever you name it.

Are you still trying to find it? You can’t find it so to speak, because it’s never not been there within you. You may have just not noticed it. And even as you try and notice it, all attempts to notice it happen and it’s still there!

All these questions, interpretations, and things happen and it’s still there within you! It can never leave. It’s wonderfully and naturally effortless. What I am pointing to is the eternal presence within you – right now.

Something that stays with you always and was there from the moment you were born, to right now, until the day you die. It is something that is in us all, as life itself, and it is eternal.


Point 2 – Okay, so what, I know what you mean but it doesn’t change anything?

That ever present ‘force’ changes your experience of life.

It’s a foundation. A base. A rock. It can never go away. It sees everything from that never changing standpoint. All the content that happens within you is secondary to it. All that you have prioritised over it, is actually seen to come from it, to be auxiliary to it. Your knowledge, your feelings, your identity, your personality, your loves and hates, your dreams and struggles, your labels, your thoughts, your social rules, your sensitivity, your insecurities, all flow alongside that presence at exactly the same time.

If you prioritise that presence as the greater factor, which it is, over time, this presence changes your brain. This is not an intellectual exercise, but one of living in a different way. Your very interface with the world and the source of who you are begins to alter. After some time or maybe a little time if you are lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of spiritual bliss, also know as Holy Spirit. You don’t have to believe what I am saying, I have proved it. (See


Point 3 – Okay, even if that’s true, that force is just me. That means I am as much God as anyone!

That unmanifest, force, awareness, presence, may be in you but it’s greater than you.

It’s still going to be around you when you are gone. It’s in others too. It will be there even when earth is gone.

It’s the base level of all creation. It was with you before you had any idea of who you were, any concept of thoughts or words.

And it has qualities all of it’s own, intelligence of it’s own, rules of it’s own, it is what governs the entire Universe. Don’t confuse yourself to be it, be greater than it, that’s one of the most dangerous traps there is.


Point 4 – Scientists have shown God doesn’t exist!

No they haven’t. No one has ever shown what began the Universe and they never will because it’s unmanifest and veiled by the manifest World.

God is just a word. Right now, like everything else in the World, you have an idea of God. You think of God in manifest terms. That idea is probably wrong, but it doesn’t matter. What I want you to do is put that notion asides for a moment.

When I speak about God I am speaking about that unknown force that set the Universe in motion, most likely through the Big Bang. That was the mechanism that set off the Universe. But what force set off the mechanism and stays with the creation now? That is what we call God. You can either prioritise and live for that invisible force that began the Universe above all else, or live for and prioritise the manifest creation of that force – (‘The World’) – there is no other alternative.

You can’t identify God in itself as such, because that force is what is there when you are trying to identify it! You can only point to the work of that unmanifest force in the physical, manifest world and it’s effects on it.

If you want to read more on why science will never find God using it’s current methods please visit the Divine Energy post.


Point 5 – Okay a force set off the Universe but so what? That’s just science! It’s not a greater or smarter creative force, it’s just the Universe!

The force that set off the Universe must be greater than what it created.

That force is hierarchal to what was created, because whatever was created came after the initial force of creation. Put it this way, every single thing you can see or conceive came from the Big Bang. All these things were all born from it, therefore, they are made of the same stuff, connected to it, but they cannot be greater than it.

Does that mean God exists outside of the Universe itself? We can’t answer that, but we can say that the force that began the Universe, must be heriaschial to all that it created and came from it. It does not have to be subject to the same laws as what it created, which makes it very hard for us to understand.

All that is alive came from that force and is subject to it’s laws, “it” did not come from us, we came from”it”. It is forever joined to us because it is what made us. It is a divine force, and when you experience it you will know and feel that intimately as the ultimate truth.


Point 6 – We are just molecules, chemicals, nothing more.

We are much more than molecules and chemicals!

Reducing anything to it’s base component never accurately defines it. Look at a cake, list the ingredients, does that come close to describing the cake, the experience and joy of looking at the cake and eating it? All you are doing when you say we are molecules and chemicals and nothing more is seeing the code from which we are made. It is that code that enables your life but it is not your life.

In the same way you can say we are just molecules and chemicals, we come from the very stuff from which the Universe began. Thus we can never be separate from that force that created us. In a scientific sense it is our parent and we are it’s child. We can look deeper and deeper, and we will simply see more and more code, and be in more and more awe at its intricacies.


Point 7 – My life is great without God!

Yes it may well be, but the same life with God is always better.

God is a wonderful source of love. A never-ending deep love, AKA bliss or Holy Spirit. You may be loved, be a good person, have a great life, but add God’s love to that too and it would be even better, in that there is no doubt! God has also provided rules, in terms of the rules of reality, which you may live by already, but if not, they are also a great guide on how to live life.


Point 8 – If there is a God why doesn’t he stop all the problems on earth?

God has enabled the ending of problems with the rules of the Universe.

God can and does affect the physical Universe, that force is the parent after all, but that force in the manifest world, must operate within the rules of reality itself too.

The main way God effects the Universe are with his rules – the rules of reality that are in control of everything. Whilst these rules can be bent they can’t be broken. We must learn to forgive, we must learn our place below God, we must learn to look after our environment, we must learn to tolerate different religions and races. We must learn not to give into hate. If we don’t do this, then there are consequences that are designed to bring us back from what is false to what is true.


Point 9 – If there is a God why were there earthquakes and tsunamis the kill innocent people? Why do babies get cancer?

The creator is as perfect as anything we know and so is the creation – but the creation is not perfect.

That is why there are natural disasters that kill people good and bad. God doesn’t want these bad things to happen, and didn’t intend them, they are simply errors in the “code”of the Universe.

As his children, we can use that code to improve situations, and that of course is called science.


Point 10 – What about religion, you must be saying religion is false? Why do religions not agree?

All interpretations belong to the World – they point to what began the World.

Therefore in the sense of what all religions point to – none can be inaccurate – because inaccuracy is a term that is based on ‘Worldy terms’ e.g. thoughts, evidence, facts, interpretations. Because this force remains the same no matter what interpretations we have, it means that all proofs are equal, non can really be better or more right than others.

If you think I think that may way is superior to any other way you’d be wrong. All that matters is people have come to God. After that, wether they truly understand the rules of the manifest World and live by them is a different matter – and certainly there one way can be said to be superior to another.

Some religions can also be more accurate in their explanations, but what they point to is always the same – a divine, loving, creative power that is greater than us as human beings but connected to us. All over the world, different groups of people came to the very same conclusion in what are seemingly very different ways.


Point 11 – Why does religion cause war and suffering if it is from God or for God?

An intolerance of other religions causes war, arguments and suffering.

When people begin to think there way is more right than that of others, and lower other people to a different status due to different beliefs that’s when we see wars, arguments, hatred and suffering. You can only prioritise The World over God or God over the World, the former leads to issues and differences, the latter to love.


Point 12 – Where is the proof that God exists?

There is plenty of proof all around you and within you.

If you don’t believe in a creator, you believe then this was all by chance. I congratulate you on being able to believe that, but after looking after the intricacies of the Universe for a great deal of time, I cannot agree.

Everything is simply too well designed, intricate and organised for this to be by chance. There is an order to the chaos. A plan and purpose for everything, rules by which everything work and a hugely deep web of complex interrelationships. Plus, when you begin to use my method or others to find God youR#8217;ll begin to experience the divine within you as deep blissful love and peace. You’ll begin to see things revealed to you that you never knew about yourself. You’ll see prayers answered. You’ll see and experience God in others.


Point 13 – What’s wrong with just working hard, loving myself, my family?

Nothing at all, but a life with God is more fulfilling.

The World, your family, your spouse, what they can give you and their love can never and will never compare to the love of God, which can be experienced here on earth. This is how we were created, if we don’t know this we only live half of the reality.

We are ultimately flawed, but God is not, why would you choose to live without his love? As long as your remain your own God, and the World is your God, you are confined by it, you lose out on the greater knowledge and understanding of God.


Point 14 – Evolution shows there’s no God

Evolution is further evidence their is an intelligent creative force at work.

Evolution casts doubt on Biblical explanations yes, yet it shows that their are definite rules in place in the Universe, further evidence of an intelligent creative force that designed all of this, and is hidden behind the manifest world. Through these rules, the Universe is continually analysing and improving itself, dropping what doesn’t work and re-creating what does. That is the very blueprint of that unmanifest force in action, it’s intelligence at work.


Point 15 – I don’t believe in God. People who believe in God are deluded or brainwashed!

Delusion and Brainwashed are relative terms.

We are all deluded compared to each other in Worldy terms, because no one agrees exactly on much. Yet I can tell you if you think the World is the ultimate reality and all there is to live for, it is you that are actually deluded. You are simply living a potential reality, which is not wholly accurate.

In terms of brainwashing, we are all brainwashed in one way or another – by the World, by religion, by our parents, by our environment. You aren’t as in control as you think you are nor as individual as you like to think.

So a better question is, is your brainwashing accurate and what does it bring you?


Point 16 – I still don’t believe in God!

Then I wish you well in your journey.

Keep searching and asking questions, and I hope you will find your answers. Remember it’s only very partially an intellectual journey, after that you have to test things for yourself.

Ultimately remember this truth. You can idolise any knowledge, evidence, what people say, others, the World all over and above God, but nothing will ever be as great as knowing God and experiencing his love on this earth.

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