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How to find God without belief. Finding God with or without belief – help for those without God

If there was any one my message was really for, it is anyone that doesn’t have a relationship with God and doesn’t yet experience God’s love. Someone that might even what to find God without belief.

After all, anyone that experiences God already isn’t going to really benefit from my words. They already have their way. By listening to me they are more likely to damage their relationship with God because they’ll begin to question the surrounding structures of their beliefs.

I’m more interested in helping those that live what we’d call a modern day, western life. A life without God.

Such a person doesn’t have an experience of God, thinks God is a load of old rubbish, and thinks science has disproved God’s existence. They mainly live for their own happiness, their families happiness, leisure time, material satisfaction and work. They are obsessed with the worship the World for fulfilment.

My approach is more tailored to a modern life then many of the older religions because it’s focused on objective facts only.

I’m not about putting barriers up for people to come to God, but tearing them down. You can find God without belief.

Some facts for you –

  • The more science looks at the Universe, the more it realises the utter complexity of the design and the more it realises it doesn’t know.
  • Look at the Universe in detail and you will see it is one interrelated whole.
  • The Big Bang and evolution are real.
  • Know one has however proved what caused the Big Bang.
  • Creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive. The existence of either does not disprove the other.
  • Would you believe a cake was created by luck? Then why the Universe? You have a belief that is harder to hold than a belief that something as intricate as the Universe was created.
  • God was and is obviously a very intricate scientist, look at what he created.
  • God’s love can be scientifically seen with it’s effects on the brain during meditation and prayer.
  • You can experience God without belief and without belief in any stories or mythology.
  • Experiencing God, like everything in the Universe, is a process.
  • You can reduce anything to the base level such as molecules, and atoms. If you write down all the chemicals, organs, molecules that you are made from, does that accurately describe you and your life? When why do you think it accurately describes the Universe and life?
  • You may have achieved all you wanted from life, but something still feels missing, why do you think that is? Because something is missing – God!
  • God’s love can be experienced on earth and comes from being in his presence.
  • God’s presence is right with you now and I can prove it to you.
  • That presence alters your organs – your brain, your heart, they are “plastic”. They are not set in stone. The presence alters the very fabric of who you think yourself to be and your experience of life.

It used to be that belief was required to find God, that’s not the case any longer. You can find God without belief.

This is how you can objectively find God without belief.

You are reading these words now. Are you aware of that? Of course you are. Well that awareness, presence, call is what you like, is always there. It never changes. It was actually the same before you knew about it. If you think it has changed, you don’t understand me and haven’t yet found out what I’m talking about.

What’s going through your mind right now, what do you feel? Confusion, cynicism, disgust, disbelief, agreement, intrigue? These come and go, the presence, the awareness of them remains. True or false? You can agree it’s true or false, and you are still aware of that are you not?

If you’re confused don’t look for something in these words and your reactions to them, look at what envelopes them, remains despite them, within you.

Did you ask for that awareness? Can you switch it on or off? Does it exist in just you or in everyone else?

That awareness, presence, ever lasting factor in our experience, is the unifying factor in us all. It’s wound up inside of us, is part of us, it is naturally there in us all. Effortlessly there.

It’s so hard to find, but so utterly obvious once you identify it!

Now you’ve found it and it may take some time, comes the second part of the process, allowing that presence to take over and be the main focus of your life. Begin to live your life from that standpoint. From the viewpoint of the container rather than the content of your experience. Meditate on the same. Your brain, and mind begins to change. You will experience, if you keep going, a deep inner peace. It is like a light switching on inside of you. At first it may only be for a moment, then after a while it becomes more permanent. This is what we call bliss, or the Holy Spirit. Congratulations, you’ve now tapped into the love of God.

This presence you thought was yours isn’t yours at all.

And it’s not just a blank presence. It’s divine in it’s nature. It is God. It has powers, attributes all of it’s own. Pray to it, give thanks to it, immerse yourself in it, serve it. Confess your sins to it. Idolise it over the World and yourself. Watch how all that once seemed so important to your existence is shown for what it really is – hollow compared to God.

As you go deeper and deeper, you will begin to experience and know God intimately. You will really begin to believe in his powers. You will experience his love for you, and use that relationship as your guide to your relationships with those close to you, others and the World at large.

And there you go, you will have experienced God without any belief.

There are many different ways to God. My way is actually Christianity, but I’ve also drawn from a multitude of different areas of spiritually, science and philosophy on the way.

I encourage you to do the same, but try and choose a narrow and direct path from an established source.

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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