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God’s Truth Does Not Depend on The World

How can we know God’s real truth?

Well the Truth of God does not depend on the the world. (The world is anything said, seen, known, anything we can feel, touch, experience – basically everything, anything and nothing).

So am I saying that all truths that do depend on the world aren’t true?

That if you disagree with me you don’t know God?

Of course not.

I’m saying that God’s truth can be overlaid by many seemingly different ways. God’s truth is not dependent on the World, and even if you disagree and think that it is – that won’t stop you experiencing God either – because by it’s definition – God’s loves not dependent on the World.

It’s a weakness of human beings what we can get overly concerned by that outer veneer, that Worldy wrapper to things.

What’s far more important is what’s behind all those seemingly different appearances – and that’s people’s experience of God and how it’s directing them to live their lives.

I could argue all day long about how your version of God’s truth is inferior to mine and you could do the same with me. It’s really far less important than how closely someone knows God, which only they can really know.

Whatever version of God’s truth brought you to God, you are blessed to be known and loved by him!

Thanks for reading and God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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