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A factually accurate religion, would it help?

‘Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind’ – Albert Einstein

What Do We Mean By Factually Accurate?

Factually accurate means accurate in manifest terms. I’ve already explained that religions don’t have to be factually accurate to actually work and be true in the unmanifest sense. They are all designed to take people to a higher truth – that of a divine loving force.

In that way, Jesus was the Son of God and is the only way and also not. Islam is the only way and also not. Both truths can quite happily co exist on the level of the un manifest – God – because the un manifest is not dependent on the manifest layer at all. A religion can be totally wrong on it’s story of creation, yet still take someone to the destination of experiencing and knowing God.

Now to someone that takes that manifest at the totality that is completely unsatisfactory. The issue is that most religions to grow depend on exactly that sort of person.


Exclusivity of a Factually Accurate Religion

Would a factually accurate religion be more useful today to bring people to God than a traditional religion? Of course many traditional religions will tell you that their way is the only way. They refuse any modification, and prevent any questioning, often through the devices of strict doctrine and fear.

In their eyes, to suggest a factually accurate religion or new religion would be absolute heresy.

However, that being said, the modern landscape casts some serious doubts on the exclusivity of any religion, simply because so many people experience God from coming to him in different ways. Some or all of these ways only have scripture to back up that exclusivity. They give this scripture extra evidential gravity based on what they believe.

I know God well. I follow his example of love, over whatever anyone else tells me. He loves us no matter what religion we are. If you think otherwise you are wrong, and he’ll love you just as much. Just like a good human father would love us the same way no matter what our beliefs. God’s love is free and unconditional, but also correcting for our own good.


Benefits of A Factually Accurate Religion

One reason a factually accurate religion could bring more people to God is that it pulls down barriers to God, rather than putting them up. There’s nothing beyond the normal reality of things for anyone to swallow. Nothing that’s in conflict with the reality. It’s what is considered real and true that is tested for accuracy.

There are a lot of barriers to current religions that prevent people following them.

People without an experience of the living and loving God simply can’t bring themselves to believe many of the things that science has shown not to be true.

Yet they are prevented from the ultimate truth – God. A relationship with that divine energy that exists which they can experience whilst they are alive.

When traditional Christians for example try and convince non believers they are facing a huge number of barriers. They have to fight against a lot to bring someone on board. It’s hard work to help others experience the very real and wonderful love of God they already experience and know to be true.

Yet what all the interpretations point to is far more important than the interpretations themselves. (Most traditional religions get it the wrong way round.) A factually accurate religion recognises that, there is no better religion, only a better fit for each individual person.


What Began The Universe?

It’s very likely the Big Bang or similar process began the Universe. Wether you believe that or not doesn’t alter your potential to experience God however. It is not a barrier at all, no matter what anyone tells you. When Darwin proposed the theory of evolution less than 200 years ago (look at how primitive we still are) many threw religion out of the door and God with it. Evolution if anything only goes to further prove the existence of a hyper intelligent creative force behind all this. Evolution having it’s own design actually supports the argument for God more than it detracts from it.

Yet if you believe the Big Bang and evolution stop you from believing in God or that there is a God – then it will stop you. You’ve put the World over God, prioritised your knowledge and idolised it over the presence of God that remains despite that knowledge. Remember no one knows what set off the Big Bang. The facts beyond reasonable doubt, point to a creative force at play that is not random. The Universe is extremely well organised.

A factually accurate religion would also be based on the facts of reality, rather than of personal belief. It would encourage rigour to prove what is true and untrue using sound methodology. One such fact it would no doubt arrive at is that all religions point to the same God. God is the one true religion – no religion could ever be more correct over the other when it comes to that point. Our different interpretations are not mutually exclusive as they seem to be. At their heart they take us to the very same place.

The invisible power that gave birth to the Universe obviously contained within it a blueprint of organisation. Rules of reality. That explains exactly why the Universe has occurred the way it has. We see patterns of this design, a hugely intricate and wonderful (yet not perfect) masterpiece. The blueprint explains for example why evolution occurs at it does, there are rules in place everywhere that are followed. A framework.

These rules of reality, backed by science, which are really rules of the creative force – God. Nothing can be more true and accurate than those, no matter what we believe. They are solid, eternal, objective and unchanging.

For example, if I believe the World will end and Jesus will come down to earth as described in the Revelations of the Bible that isn’t going to stop me experiencing God at all. There could be millions that believe the same and millions that don’t – yet they still all experience God. The next day, a giant asteroid strikes earth and all life is wiped out.

What is more true now?

Like it or not, the factually reality, the rules of reality, trump personal beliefs about God and personal beliefs about reality.

In themselves, the organisation and scientific rules of reality don’t prove God by their actual existence. However, when we know the objective design and process to coming to God that has been laid out, and exists behind the different facade of all religions, it begins to change things. Drastically.

Coming to God is no different from the process of digesting our food, or breathing. There’s a set way it occurs, no matter how colourfully we describe that way, it’s always the same.


‘Superiority’ of a Factually Accurate Religion

A factually accurate religion would be superior in helping people today come to God because it would –

  1. Pull down barriers to coming to God within the member and others.
  2. Rather than force doctrine on people, encourage people to find God based on their own experience by testing facts out for themselves.
  3. Contain a direct and organised path to God, unlike New Age spirituality which is a very disorganised and confusing array of material in no logical order.
  4. Create a more sure experience of God rooted in fact and with sound reasoning to protect it from doubt from others.
  5. A Holy Book that gives a definite blueprint to living by the correct design of reality, something much needed today.
  6. A more practical and scientific approach to living with God.
  7. A defence to the obvious outrage, persecution and hatred that would come from traditional religions and those without God.
  8. Describe living with God in a way that is in tune with people’s lives today.
  9. Allow a life to be lived that is more in tune with the rules of reality, rather than personal beliefs.
  10. End relgionism – religious intolerance within the member.
  11. End racism and hatred of others nationalities.
  12. End over reliance on the World for fulfilment.

So all in all a factually accurate religion, is something that would be useful to people today. That’s true for one simple reason, it would help bring more people to God.

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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