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Why let someone else control your experience? – Barclay Littlewood

If you’ve been told that the experience of God doesn’t exist, you’ve quite simply being misinformed.

There’s not only billions of people who will tell you the love and peace they feel from God – right here and right now on earth – there’s a plethora of MRI scan evidence to show the same experience and it’s effects on the brain.

There is no denying it, the neurological experience of God (or whatever word you seek to use) is real and is fully observable. You can deny that, and if you do, you have a belief, e.g. something that has no basis in evidence.

Now of course, we can question the factually accuracy of religions and methods to create the said experience. We can question each others ideas about God. Yet the fact is that the experience remains. People may attribute it to a higher power, a source, an all pervasive life force, whatever the name and character, they all attest to a ‘something’ that can be reached and has profound effects on the human being and their experience of reality. (For further reading, note your reality comes from your brain, when it is altered, so is your reality.)

An atheist denying the billions of people’s experience of God or similar entity or power as non existent is as ridiculous as me telling you an atheist actually is experiencing God but doesn’t realise it. It would be a personal denial, a personal belief, simply negating their experience and prioritising my experience over theirs.

That’s the very essence of all fundamentalism – my experience is worth more, is more correct, more valid than yours – and then using that for a basis of derision, disrespect, and ridicule.

I’d be stating that the atheist was simply too ignorant or stupid to realise that they weren’t experiencing God.

Can you imagine me bringing such an argument, it would be ludicrous!

Yet that’s what some atheists do, they deny the experience of billions of people. Yes all these people experiencing God, amongst them exceptionally gifted minds, are apparently too dumb to realise they don’t experience love and peace from God at all!

The evidence is clear, there is a non-experience of God and an experience of God. That’s the reality, that’s what all the evidence shows, and my opinion on it is absolutely worthless.

There are those that need to or want to experience God and those that don’t. They are those that see it as a wonderful experience, those that see it as a basis to argue and divide and those that see it as a non existent fantasy or something dangerous for mankind.

I’m fine with that, it’s very much a case of each to their own and no hard feelings. If you want to find God do so, if not, then don’t.

What I don’t like to see however is blatant misinformation by people who closed their minds a long time ago and deny any evidence that doesn’t fit with their views. Such people misinform others and that’s a great shame.

These people seek to control your experience to be more satisfied with their own experience by cherry picking evidence to fit their own views.

The enemy of such people and such ways is quite simply facts. Are some religions factually inaccurate? Without doubt. Is the experience they lead to real? Without doubt. Those are the facts.

My advice to everyone is open your mind and question everything and come to your own conclusions. No need to around believing what you’re told to believe by, and go and do your own research and look at the clear evidence – the experience of God exists in a multitude of different ways in the biggest Church there is – the Church of God – Planet Earth. Then decide if you want it or not, and which of the thousands of ways you’ll choose or don’t – and get on with your life. Just don’t think your experience is the only way, of God or not, because it’s not, it’s just a way!

Choosing to experience God or not doesn’t make you superior to anyone else or inferior. It’s a choice that’s all. My job is going to be to ensure you can make an informed choice through plain and simple education, an education I wish I’d had 30 years ago, even 10 years ago.

I couldn’t think of anything worse than a world where we all think the same way and where I secretly think I “get it” and you don’t because your ways don’t mirror mine.

You may still be an incredible person or a terrible person with or without such experience, but in my humble opinion you may find something really special, that you will or will not have have decided on a full appreciation and presentation of the balanced facts.

When people tell me I don’t experience God it’s quite frankly absurdly ignorant of them. They try and push their ill informed and uneducated views on me and their own ideas, which are always completely ignorant of the evidence and often presented in a way that presumes I hand’t contemplated the same!

Their problem is I’m 15,000 hours into this all, coming with no want or desire to find God yet I am where I am, whereas they’ve given it all what, less than a thousand hours thought in their lives if that?

Of course they can laugh at my interpretations, methods, descriptions, and I’m happy to admit they are often a very poor second to the experience or state. Yet the experience or state is as real and better than anything else I’ve experienced in my life. Plus, like thousands of others, I have the MRI scans to prove it’s as real as any other state or emotion, and indeed the non-experience of God… (Which I once had and am certainly never going back to!)

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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