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Belief in delusion – the delusion there is no God – Barclay Littlewood

If we are to speak of belief in delusion, what do we mean by delusion?

It is a belief in something that is not factually accurate, not the total reality of things.

Yet it is also true we can experience God without being factually accurate. Many religions are not factually accurate in their description as science has shown. They differ in interpretations greatly. They by definition are often delusions according to the World and thus each other. (By World I mean thoughts, emotions, perceptions, ideas, interpretations, anything we can point to or identify.)

Yet it is those prioritisation and idolisation of those facts and the World, that is a more real, objective and meaningful delusion.

The invisible, what which we can call God, exists despite everything that happens in the manifest World. Therefore, what is invisible simply cannot be definition be dependent on the World, it is the manifest World that is dependent on what is invisible and unseen. Therefor experiencing God is not dependent on Worldly identifiers and interpretative or even factual accuracy, and even if we think it is, the same rule applies – our experience of God, the invisible, goes on unhindered because it is not dependent on the World. (This is why there are issues amongst the established religions.)

Interpretations pertain to the World and God is experienced besides our normal mental functioning, what we believe about him, and our experience of the World at large.


Thus when someone says they don’t believe in God, what they are really saying is they don’t experience God. What they do experience is a range of other thoughts, emotions, experiences. These attach to themselves and the World in a giant, apparently self sufficient structure to create what we would call the normal human experience. This is what people then believe in it’s entirety, is the whole and final truth – they therefore have a belief in delusion.

As a result someone that doesn’t experience God experiences the World, and their World, as the ultimate reality. They and theirs are the centre of their World, as are their interactions with the World and what they think it can bring them. The manifest solid World is the ultimate reality to them.

All that however is only a potential reality. A position that can be moved from with knowledge and effort. It is no different to not being in love then being in love. Romantic love exists, as does God’s love, wether you experience it, know it or not, is consequential only to you.

So seeing this potential reality of normal human existence, as total reality, is delusion, because, love, hope, hate, stress, correctness, doubt, confidence, all our interactions with the world, all happen in God’s presence – that objectively identifiable force within us all. A presence that is always there, and simply isn’t dependent on the experiences that occur within it. Something that has stayed the same within you from the moment you began reading this to this very moment now and beyond until the day you die. Something that has been with you your entire life, as it is now. Something you can find and access now. Something that these words cannot describe because the viewer of them, you, holds the key to finding that presence within them – it is within the observer – not what is observed by it.

It’s a very subtle, but a very clever construction. All that seems so solid, so sure, so independent and real of it’s own accord in our experience is all simply secondary, and naturally facilitated by that presence within.

As I have shown, that presence brings you peace and healing – see – and brings you everything that the World, inner and outer can ultimately not deliver due to it’s construction.

The World, will fail you. You will fail yourself, and what you can see and touch will fail you too in your quest for fulfilment.

Follow that path, by working within, working hard, and you can step from the delusion of your potential reality to the total reality, a life with God.

Can there be a religion that is factually accurate? Of course. That is the subject of my next post.

Thanks for reading & God Bless

Barclay Littlewood

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